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  • Energy Costs  : twenty-five points of spiritual energy
  • Processes to Activate Power :
    • think about sublimating myself into pure chaos
    • think about sublimating myself into pure chaos and transporting myself to <safety | <person> | <place> | the Exoma | my microcosm>

Sublimation is a neat little trick where you pretty much turn yourself into energy and then drift for awhile on the undercurrents of reality. Sometimes you can even have some input on where you'll wind up -- if you think about also transporting yourself somewhere, you might end up where you want. You have a multitude of options, including 'to the Exoma' which will take you to the Exoma, 'to safety' which has a high chance to take you back to the Inner Chamber, and 'to my microcosm', which tries to transport you to your personal microcosm, a pocket of the Exoma attuned to your psyche. The second two are somewhat difficult tricks, and their success depends on your inana and your skill in the arts of chaoturgy and conjuration (and cosmology, if trying to target your microcosm); both are also much easier to pull off if you start from the Exoma. For extremely advanced practitioners of such magicks, you can attempt to target a location you have memorized, or attempt to sublimate to a fellow member of the POEE (provided they are at a location conducive to such things and sacred to Eris in some way), but both of these are extremely difficult and require extensive investment in the skills involved. If you don't say where you want to go, or if you fail at trying to get someplace, you could wind up anywhere at all.

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