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  7      [ = Xantaras = ]
 /  o      [ Type                    : ] teleportation
 \_/       [ Description             : ] personal microcosm
 /  _.     [ Significance            : ] major
 \_5 +     [ Activity Cost           : ] thirty-two
    /      [ Activation Spirit Cost  : ] fifty
   /       [ Control Skills          : ] six parts spatiophrasty,
                                         five parts power generation, 
                                         four parts power direction,
                                         three parts power focusing, three parts power tuning,
                                     and two parts chaoturgy
           [ Specialty Access        : ] cosmology, Exoma fieldcraft and spatiophrasty degree I access
           [ Requirements to Know    : ] have at least 235 points among
                                         100% of spatiophrasty skill,
                                         100% of Exoma fieldcraft skill, 
                                         100% of cosmology skill,
                                         100% of rune lore skill,
                                         100% of arcane lore skill,
                                     and 100% of elder lore skill
           [ Requirements to Use     : ] spatiophrasty skill of 65 or higher,
                                     and have at least 90 points among
                                         100% of spatiophrasty skill,
                                         100% of cosmology skill,
                                         50% of chaoturgy skill 
                                         and 10 points for having completed Hardin's Gauntlet

A rare and esoteric power known to few Ringwielders is that bestowed by the gift of the rune xantaras: access to a coherent, isolated realm within another plane -- in this case, that of the Exoma. Upon activation of this rune, the Ringwielder will be transported from hir current location and, if successful, to the microcosm attuned to hir essence, suspended within the Exoma, wherein sie will be the recipient of numerous beneficial effects. In addition, much as with the rune glochar's planar pocket, the Ringwielder can transport items to and from hir personal microcosm at will. To transport an item to the microcosm, subvocalize "vos" followed by the name of the item. In order to retrieve an item, subvocalize "bas" followed by the name of the item. If the bearer merely wishes to view the state of hir personal microcosm, then sie would subvocalize a specification of "dus".

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