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Perform Etheric Conjuration

  • Paratheo-Anametamystikhood of Eris Esoteric Esoteric Maneuver
  • Usage: perform etheric conjuration [<additional arguments>]
  • Typical Activity Cost: 15

Conjuring is the ability to use something called etheric resonances, one of the underlying principles of space and time, to get goodies. Use this ability with no arguments, and you'll just hunt for the first etheric resonance you can find and grab the item it leads to, which is pretty easy. The tricky part comes when you want to be more specific about what you're conjuring, as when you're using the syntax 'perform etheric conjuration for <name>'. This means you're looking for an etheric resonance associated with a specific word or phrase, which will be attached to an object called that. This is pretty hard, but it can be done. The more things there are lying around out in the wide world by that name, the easier it is to find and make use of the etheric resonance; rare things are nearly impossible to conjure. Having higher inana and greater skill in the art of conjuration lets you make use of weaker etheric resonances and generally makes the whole thing easier.

You can also 'perform etheric conjuration and use' or 'perform etheric conjuration for <name> and use' if you want to indiscriminately equip whatever you manage to come up with -- if you perform this particular type of conjuration in combat, you will throw whatever you just conjured at your opponent. Alternately, you can 'perform etheric conjuration here' or 'perform etheric conjuration here for <name>' in order to conjure things into your environment rather than holding onto it yourself, which is an option well-thought of by stodgy types with strong senses of self-preservation.

One last thing: conjuring temporarily depletes the etheric resonances in the area you're in, with more difficult conjurations depleting it for significantly longer periods of time. Wandering around in a bizarre and apparently aimless fashion as you conjure overcomes this issue fairly well, with the added bonus of getting into exciting situations as a side effect.

Additional Notes

Any conjure attempt that will cost more than 115 spirit now triggers a warning. Completing the conjuration by overriding will put the ability to conjure high-cost items on a cooldown which scales by the amount of spirit used. Up to 13 hours has been reported so far.

>conjure lens

   In order to perform a conjuration at that level, besides needing a
   spiritual energy level of 127, you would be unable to perform further
   similarly potent conjurations for twelve minutes; add an override to your
   command to confirm that you want to do this.

>conjure lens!

   You concentrate and find an etheric resonance for the word 'lens', then
   thrust your claws down into the guts of reality and rummage around.  After a
   moment, you track the resonance to its source, and pull your claws back into
   normal reality grasping a clear glass lens of analysis.

>conjure lens

   It will be another eleven minutes and twenty-six seconds before you are
   able to perform further conjurations at that level.

If you aim really high by attempting to conjure something like a paralemnos, you will need an additional item which will be specified in the warning message.

From change #6297

Made it so that when POEE conjuration is used with a specific target, that target
specification (the exact word or phrase used) develops interference, which
increases the cost to conjure using that target specification.  This interference
is globally scoped; what you conjure affects all POEE.  The interference
dissipates slowly over time (on a scale of hours to days).

Items you can Conjure with a Communist Manifesto

(Depends on skills too, probably)

  • Armor/Clothing/Accessories
    • Apolekid
    • Boots of stealth
    • Cloud cloak (can't specify quality beyond lesser, tho)
    • Dactid
    • Hush shemagh
    • Kineitid
    • Modrax
    • Nipple ring
    • Noctid
    • Parageos
    • Paralemnos
    • Paraquerlos
    • Ring of specified quality (major, greater, great)
    • Scribal belt
    • Strata armour
    • Wingsheaths of the glade
  • Weapons
    • Asmodean blade
    • Forcefist
    • Iltarix
    • Meratarix
    • Veotarix
  • Amulets
    • Phylactery of blidning speed
    • Phylactery of Madness
    • Phylactery of theosophy
    • Talisman of manipulation
  • Containers
    • Belt of Suspension
    • Cloak of holding
    • Portable Hole
    • Sporran of holding
  • Gems
    • Fire opal of blasting
    • Gem of entrapment
    • Gem of fascination
    • Gem of preservation (note: NOT perpetuation)
    • Gem of protection
  • Artifacts
    • The Avenger
    • Cristlun
    • Hephaestus's Hammer
    • Profusion gauntlet
    • Selene's Favour
    • Variabilis
  • Misc
    • Everflowing mug of ale
    • Flute of the ratlord
    • Heroin (Really?)
    • Loadstone (LOL)
    • Morphine
    • Rod of repair
    • Scroll of intoxication
    • Vial of Melosia
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