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|              Rumors have begun to circulate among the svirfneblin of        |
|              Wickwellin that one of their number is performing dangerous    |
|              experiments related to empathic bonding.                       |

Possible Bonds: Psicat, Jing Shen, Fox, Octopus, Sunfish, and Sunray.

   [#- The Deep Whisperers -#]
       You are one of the Deep Whisperers, a loose association of individuals with questionable
   judgment who have consented to be experimented upon by the psychic scientist Byundi of Wickwer.
       Among other disconcerting results of this decision, you now have the ability to communicate
   via a direct telepathic connection with Byundi.  However, this connection is one-way, only
   granting the ability to receive psychic missives from Byundi regardless of your psychic
   resistance, telepathic compatibility, or consent.  There is one use which is available to you
   on this connection, however: the ability to submit scientific data regarding your experiences
   to Byundi.  To do so, simply concentrate on transmitting information about your experiences to

You can also "Concentrate on transmitting information about my experiences to Byundi", though the effects of this are largely unknown.


You must have telepathy. Joining is somewhat difficult - info Byundi for more information.

[OOC Marcosy] in the interest of people not running around like headless chickens, hear ye this: Deep Whisperer Psibond Compatibility is not 
based on quests, or race, or level or anything like that.  It's entirely based off factors under your control and there is no randomness to 
it whatsoever.
[OOC Marcosy] when you attempt to join the Deep Whisperers, the game calculates three factors - Psychic_Flexibility (how open-minded you 
are), Psychic_Rigidity (how fully-formed your psychic fixations are), and Interpersonal_Compatibility (how big of an asshole you are)
[OOC Marcosy] the combination of these three factors determines your Psibond_Compatibility, which is either 1 or 0 - if it's 1 you can 
join, if it's 0 you can't and your head might explode

It seems lots of empathy as well as other skills might be needed for the requirements. Possibly psychology and/or philosophy. I was able to join after getting an enlightenment boosting both my philosophy and empathy. When i joined, my alignment was caring/undisciplined, but i'm unsure if this is also part of the requirements. Kaess says: Alignment is confirmed. With enlightenment buffing empathy and philosophy, as well as telepathic capacity, I was unable to join. Once I did this and was also saintly chaotic, I got in.

    You echo, |- I vooolunteer tooo gather data ooon psiooonic booonding -| in rapidly-accented

    Byundi exclaims, " Oh, so you wanna become one of my test subjects,  figure?  Okey-doke, let me
just attune your psyche to the cosmic wavelengths required.  Oh, and uh, you should probably try to
remain calm, no matter what sort of horrible sensations you may feel or experience! " to you in

    Byundi begins to concentrate, staring at you intently.

    You feel a questing, tingling sensation deep within your mind, which withdraws after a long

    Byundi says, " It seems your mind is suitable for the act of forming a psionic bond with a
familiar.  I will now awaken within you the capability to do so. " in Nanomi.

    Byundi begins to concentrate again, this time with much greater intensity.

    You experience a strange sensation within your mind of ebb and flow, a sort of rhythmic pulse
composed not of sensation but rather of modes of thought.

    Different ideas begin to move rapidly through your thoughts, shaping an organic and purposeful
train of intent which culminates in a profound and thorough understanding of the natures of
oneness, companionship, and the relationships between all beings.

    You feel a new desire beginning to stir deep within your psyche, a longing for companionship
and unity at both the mental and spiritual level.

    Byundi says, " Excellent!  It seems the procedure was completely successful.  Good thing, too,
sometimes the results aren't very pretty.  Lots of blood and goopy stuff.  Anyhow, just go out
there and find yourself a familiar; I'll be monitoring your progress and gathering your
experimental data telepathically. " in Nanomi.

    You sense a new emotional need opening up within you -- an incompleteness you never fully
grasped, the need for a true soulmate of some kind -- along with the desire and ability to fulfill
that need and to complete yourself.

Specialties upon joining

You are now a first-degree specialist in animal lore, empathy, introspection, philosophy, and psychology.


concentrate on transmitting information about my experiences to Byundi

Advancing within DW is done by using the data submission command after having gained however much experience constitutes a "block" of data for you. At various amounts of successful submissions, Byundi will "reward" you with specific (or specific types) of bonuses in addition to the usual sporadic experience gain and warm fuzzies.

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