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          [ = Domwrelin = ]
            [ Type                    : ] attack
 []  []     [ Description             : ] mana shunt
  \  /      [ Significance            : ] high
   \/       [ Activity Cost           : ] fifteen
|__/\__|    [ Activation Spirit Cost  : ] sixty
|      |    [ Control Skills          : ] five parts power direction,
                                          four parts channeling, four parts power focusing, four parts telesmatic weapon,
                                          two parts power generation and two parts power tuning
            [ Specialty Access        : ] channeling degree II access,
                                      and telesmatic weapon degree I access
            [ Requirements to Know    : ] have at least 100 points among
                                          100% of rune lore skill,
                                          50% of arcane lore skill,
                                          50% of metaphysics skill,
                                          50% of enchanting skill,
                                      and 20% of legend lore skill
            [ Requirements to Use     : ] channeling skill of 150 or higher

The rune domwrelin functions by manipulating the fabric of magick itself in the Ringwielder's surroundings, disrupting it and channeling all of the energy which normally would simply be a part of the spiritual environment into a powerfully destructive discharge directed at an opponent. The damage to the spiritual plane is such that magick itself -- including Rings of Power -- will not function in the area until the disruption, for lack of a better word, heals; in addition, everyone in the area will have their normal capacity to recover spiritual energy from their environment disrupted for a similar span of time, even if they leave the area where this occurred. A target for the coronal discharge itself may be given as a specification, otherwise one's current opponent will be targeted. Be aware that channeling the quantities of energy involved through one's body can be painful, even dangerous, and should not be attempted when severely wounded.

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