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The emit is similar to an emote, but allows you to use essentially anything as a verb. The command to perform one is "emit <action>" or ";<action>". Some examples might be:

   emit look bob in the eye
       [You see: You look Bob in the eye.]
       [Bob sees: X looks you in the eye.]
       [Others see: X looks Bob in the eye.]
   ;inflergle toward jobob and /hrymex his oomphala
       [You see: You inflergle toward Jobob and hrymex his oomphala.]
       [Jobob sees: X inflergles toward you and hrymexes your oomphala.]
       [Others see: X inflergles toward Jobob and hrymexes his oomphala.]

Emits are for those occasions when the ridiculously extensive list of normal emotes just isn't enough.

See also: emotes, emote

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