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In addition to the list of emote commands and the emit capability, you can also perform a simple emote, which is a message about something you are doing or feeling that is relayed to the people nearby you. It isn't handled in the complex way that emits and emote commands are, and can be used to create messages that would not work through them. You can emote using the commands 'emote', ':', and 'me'. Examples:

   emote is very unhappy.
   :looks around for a sandwich.
   me snarfles frumiously.

If there is no punctuation terminating your emote, it will add a period, and if you start your emote with an apostrophe, no space will be added. So

   :'s hair is on fire

will display

   Bob's hair is on fire.

if your name happens to be Bob.

This kind of emote is always an OOC action.

You can use a similar syntax for emoting on channels: <channel> :<emote>

See also: emotes, emit, channels

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