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The emotional energy system in Lost Souls is a slightly complicated set of energy pools that flow into each other over time. For the most part their effects are minor, but if you get overwhelmed with certain emotions it can cause you to be stunned, to flee, or become unable to concentrate on complicated actions, so it is worth understanding the basics.

The Energy Pools

There are 7 energies associated with emotions - Emotive, Intellectual, Hedonic (pleasure), Algetic (Pain), Phobic (Fear), Agonistic (Anger), and Creative. The general flow is:

  • Emotive energy generates all the time
  • Certain actions like combat and eating tasty food convert emotive energy to Hedonic, Algetic, Phobic, or Agonistic
  • These four energies slowly convert down, or are used up in emotional actions. Hedonic energy becomes Creative energy. Algetic energy becomes Phobic energy. Phobic energy becomes Agonistic energy.
  • Finally, Creative energy coverts to Spiritual Energy, and Agonistic energy just dissipates.

Receiving a lot of an emotional energy at once, or going over your maximum capacity, can cause you to be overwhelmed and stunned. You can reduce the chances of this happening through various skills such as carousing. You can also be unable to concentrate due to your emotions, which can be countered by your combined skills in concentration, tenacity and discipline.

Emotive energies also have a small effect on combat ratings, which is shown seperately in the ratings. Different skills and attributes are affected very differently by different energies; for instance, agonistic energy contributes positively to ratings based on strength but negatively to ratings based on agility.

A more detailed, possibly spoilerish, description of the energies below:

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Emotive Energy

Emotive energy generates constantly, except when you have contracted certain diseases. You have to work very hard to run out.


Intellectual Energy

Intellectual energy generates constantly, except when you have contracted certain diseases. You have to work very hard to run out. It is used when learning new things.


Capacity and conversion skills to be added

Hedonic Energy

Hedonic energy is pleasure energy. It's produced from emotive energy when you do something pleasurable, like eat a nice meal. Having the trait of Algopoeia lets you take pleasure from causing pain to others, and Algolagnia lets you experience painful events as pleasurable. If you have Anhedonia, you don't experience pleasure at all.

Pleasure converts to Creative energies.


  • Carousing Increases hedonic capacity, and helps you avoid being overwhelmed by pleasure.


  • POEE get a real kick out of channeling negative Sweet Confusion on remains
  • They get bummed out when they channel negative Orange Confusion though :(
  • There is a neat little dagger that can use pleasure to great effect

Algetic Energy

Algetic energy is pain energy. It's produced when you do something that hurts, like getting hit! The trait of Algolagnia lets you experience painful events as pleasurable, and the traits Analgesia and Numbness stop you from feeling pain - but at the cost that it becomes harder to know how wounded you are.

Algetic energy converts to phobic energy.


  • Pain Tolerance increases your max capacity for algetic energies, and helps you avoid being stunned by pain.


  • POEE and reduce their pain by channeling negative Pungent Confusion on remains

Phobic Energy

Phobic energy is fear energy. It's converted from emotive energy in scary situations, like when fighting ghosts! ooo! The trait of Aphobia leads to a complete absence of fear.

Phobic energy converts to Agonistic energy


  • Courage increases your max capacity for fear and helps you avoid being stunned or fleeing from fear.

Agonistic Energy

Agonistic energy is anger energy. It's converted from emotive energy by situations that make you angry, typically combat. The trait of Anagonia stops you from feeling any anger. If you have the Berserkergang trait (as well as various other methods) you can go berserk, which massively increases your capacity and conversion rates for anger and stops you feeling any pain and fear (and a host of other effects, like hitting much faster and not bothering to block or think). Berserk runs on agonistic energy, and is usually self-perpetuating through sustained combat.

Anger converts slowly to nothing.


  • Antagonism increases your capacity for agonistic energy, and increases the rate that algetic energy converts to agonistic energy.

Creative Energy

Creative energy is converted very slowly from emotive and intellectual energy, and quicker from hedonic energy. It is used to visualize and imagine things. It converts into spiritual energy.


  • Imagination increases your capacity for creative energy.


  • You need some creative energy to change phantasm weapons
  • Taking a good hit of acid really helps get the creative juices flowing
  • POEE love to get creative by channeling negative Discord on remains!

End of spoiler information.
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