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  • Your encumbrance is an indicator of how severely what you're wearing and carrying interferes with your movement. It affects your overall speed, your ability to hit opponents in combat, how quickly you can walk, swim, or fly around, how tiring both movement and combat are for you, and whether you can keep your head above water when swimming.

  • Generally, your encumbrance level is determined by how close you are to your maximum carrying capacity and by the restrictiveness of the armour you are wearing. The way the latter works is that each piece of armour takes away a percentage of your "free" carrying capacity. So, for example, if you can carry 200 dekans, are carrying 100 dekans, and are wearing armour with a 50% encumbrance penalty, it is as if you were carrying 150 dekans.

  • The encumbrance levels are:

-- None: You are considered unencumbered when you are at less than 10% of your carrying capacity and not wearing restricting armour. Being unencumbered gives you a small bonus to the various factors affected by encumbrance.

-- Slight: At 10% to 25% of your carrying capacity, you are slightly encumbered. This gives you a bonus to factors affected by encumbrance, though a smaller one than when unencumbered.

-- Light: Being at 25% to 50% of your carrying capacity makes you lightly encumbered. At this level, you receive neither bonuses nor penalties to the factors affected by encumbrance.

-- Moderate: If you are carrying 50% to 75% of your maximum capacity, you will normally be considered moderately encumbered. At this level, you experience small penalties to the factors affected by encumbrance, these being about as large as the bonuses received when unencumbered.

-- Heavy: From 75% to 100% of your carrying capacity, you are considered heavily encumbered. This level of encumbrance brings with it serious penalties to factors affected by encumbrance. In particular, it is nearly impossible to swim while heavily encumbered and keep one's head above water.

-- Extreme: If you are carrying more than 100% of your capacity, such as in a situation where your capacity suddenly lessened while you were carrying as much as you could, then you are extremely encumbered and can expect to be nearly incapacitated in every area affected by your encumbrance level. This can also be caused by especially cumbersome armour; for example, if a suit of cloth armour were transmuted to steel and so was no longer flexible, it would be extremely encumbering to the wearer. Those finding themselves encumbered to this degree are well advised to shed equipment as quickly as possible.

Report Encumbrance

  • Usage: report encumbrance

  • Shows your current level of encumbrance.

Show Encumbrance

  • Usage: show encumbrance

  • Shows your current level of encumbrance.

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