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One of the fundamental requirements of understanding and applying physical principles is that of comprehending the simple machine - a mechanical device which changes the direction or magnitude of a force. Like the lever and fulcrum, techniques of eideturgy can be used to redirect and reify mechanical impulses in order to perform action at a distance. This form was discovered by the shoggoth Aligned Zygefgh, a renegade who studied and emulated the emotive capacities of the ghaa'ghu races, when its size became too great to allow it to manipulate smaller objects.

The form manifests an order-infused, mist-based construct known as a nebulex, a mindless creature which obeys simple commands. The resulting nebulex is fragile and can be destabilized by nearly any contrary force, and is thus unsuitable for most combat situations; however, the telesmatic field which provides its shape can provide some protection from non-physical external forces as the field's strength improves, allowing it to operate in environments which might be inimical to ordinary living creatures.

The nebulex will last either until banished or until one no longer has the order energy to maintain it. To banish a nebulex, concentrate on returning the form within it to a potential state.

Knowledge Requirement

complete the Pzyruxal Sphere Puzzle and have at least 300 points among 100% of physics skill, 100% of psychology skill, 50% of conjuration skill, 50% of mathematics skill, and 25% of sculpture skill

Facility Formula

17.5% of perception plus 17.5% of intellect plus 22.5% of klimaphrasty skill plus 22.5% of lexiturgy skill plus 15% of conjuration skill plus 15% of physics skill plus 5% of psychology skill plus 5% of sculpture skill

Facility Rating

136 to 450

Energy Costs

200 spirit and 50 order

Process to Actualize

visualize a lever and fulcrum

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