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(Note: This bond was updated Jan 1st, 2023 as per change 8103. So, some of the below is old and needs updating.)



This is a silvery-mottled-reddish-brown-scaled female gifttraeger with
silvery eyes.  This snake species is native to Exoma and well-known for being
a dangerous niche predator: it has the capacity to kill its prey not only with
powerful poisons, but with ordered energies to which many Exoman natives are
She looks about half a dimin across and thirteen dimins long. 

Gifttraegers have a carnivorous diet, can either breathe underwater or don't require air at all and while small, possess a powerful poison spit attack that damages with both ordered energy and venom. Gifttraeger fangs do ordered and possibly piercing damage.

From 2016: Gifttraegers still have a carnivorous diet, but do now require air. their spit attack does toxic stasis damage, which is probably time/order/poison, and is sticky and keeps doing damage. the fangs alone only seem to do poison/piercing damage.

Bonding Requirements

You experience feelings of mystery, furtiveness, methodicalness, implacability, and spellbinding allure.

You experience visions of bizarrely curved and slithering lines and scales interlocking in impossible ways. A gifttraeger was bonded to with twenty to thirty elder lore, nine arcane lore and twenty-seven legend lore.

The bond assimilativity skill has been noted to be poison lore.

Attribute Modifications

Bonding to a gifttraeger confers large bonuses to Agility and Willpower, as well as smaller bonuses to Intellect, Vitality, and Perception. All attributes are additionally bonused from the various chakras granted by the familiar's presence.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Order Affinity 16 75 + 10% base
Poetry 16 75 + 10% base
Poison Affinity 16 75 + 10% base
Poison Lore 16 75 + 10% base
Elder Lore 12 60
History 12 60
Precision Strike 12 60
Rhetoric 12 60
Escape 8 40
Gem Lore 8 40
Killer Instinct 8 40
Legend Lore 8 40
Rune Lore 8 40
Spirit Lore 8 40
Lexiturgy 7 35
Arcane Lore 4 20
Introspection 4 20
Meditation 4 20
Metamorphosis 4 20
Regeneration 4 20
Supernal Durability 4 20
Theology 4 20
Divination 3 none
Metasenses 3 none
Swimming 3 none
Translocation 3 none


  • Standard Charms
  • Social Charms
  • Gifttraegers are sovereign over normal snakes and presumably their own kind. Also Drakes, Firelizards, and possibly others. (tested: NOT wyverns)
Bond Completion Percentage Charm
Fairly Healthy ~20-29% Replenish Glands
Resilient 50% Gemwake
Deep 65% Amorphism
Intimate ~80-89% Order Infusion

Combat Maneuvers

  • Coiled Strike - Granted in Somewhat Frail
   Empathic Bonds Maneuver
   Usage: perform coiled strike [at <target>]

   Using the element of surprise, spring into motion and deliver a decisive first strike against
the target with a piercing weapon. When one is sufficiently versed in poison lore, then the strike 
will draw on their body's affinity with poison to additionally envenom the weapon.

Note: As the text implies, this is a first strike ability. Once you are in combat, this maneuver becomes unusable.

* Requires wielding a weapon capable of piercing.
* Adds to combat advantage.

With Poison Lore 79 (effective 105), it is enough for the affinity + poison attack

Other Boons

A gifttraeger will occasionally open/charge all chakras save for the prestige two at once. The amount charged depends on the current bond strength, e.g. at very early stages they will drain and disappear before the charge effect occurs again. This will open and charge prestige chakras if one is eligible for them. (This is not the case as of October 2021, at least for kalila.; However, Stu reports his gifttraeger bond charging his padme chakra, but not his kalila.)

  • Begins granting order favour at very healthy. Upon completion, this bond grants +3 order favour.
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