Hellfire Shroud (Empathic Bonds)

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The ability to surround yourself with a shroud of hellfire. To do this, concentrate on surrounding myself with a shroud of hellfire. To end the effects of this charm, concentrate on ceasing to surround myself with a shroud of hellfire.



Chalg crushes your right leg brutally with his left hand, though you resist the attack slightly.
Chalg's left hand is burnt by contact with your shroud of hellish flames.
  • Blasts your opponents with sinfire at the beginning of each round
Your shroud of hellish flames lashes outward to strike a kentaur temple guard and a skaven temple guard.
The kentaur temple guard's animal torso and right hindleg are incinerated, though she resists the attack slightly.
The skaven temple guard is blasted, though he resists the attack slightly.
  • Requires significant amounts of spiritual energy to maintain
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