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This page is for information about notable players in LS. Information for active players should be principally things that cannot be discovered by 'whois'; eg, contact information and suchlike. It is intended principally as a directory page; please provide actual information in a link.

Incidentally, goddamn it's a small world.


Famous Present-Day Legends

Aegis, Legendary ELF Guerrilla

Alexia, Legendary Ringwielder

Artemis Tempestas, Legendary Elflord

Barret, Legendary Shapeshifter

Beasty Phaethon Drake Ranger

Behold, Legendary Ring Wielder and Kazarak

Bread, Legendary Sentinel

Brak, Legendary Battlerager

Brawn, Legendary Battlerager

Coma, Legendary Nizari

Daeron, Legendary Elflord

Danny Thacker, Legendary Outsider

Drusana, Legendary Ring Wielder

Eowyn, Legendary Kazarak

Falter, Legendary Shapeshifter

Grachii, Legendary Ringwielder

Haiku, Legendary Hellwalker

Hierarchy, Legendary Knight

Incendiary, Legendary Red Mage

Iso, Legendary Ringwielder

Integrity, Legendary Zetsai Sunfish Psi Warrior

Jerald, Legendary Ringwielder

Relative Morality, Legendary Ringwielder

Nemesys, Legendary Kazarak

Phyn, Legendary Kazarak

Porphyria, Legendary ELF Guerrilla

Psykic, Legendary Wild Talent Twink

Rock, Legendary Kazarak

Rot, Legendary Ringwielder

Slaander, Legendary Ringwielder

Slugworth, Legendary POEE/ELF?

Tamarack, Legendary Ringwielder

Uvatha, Legendary Ringwielder

Zia d'Crow Aviar Reaper Leader of the Order of Darkness Ascendant

Famous Present-Day Heroes

Ammokk, Amberite Osprey Ranger

Mysterio, man or myth you decide

Padekba, ELF

Saeban kail Lonyr Phaethon Devonshire Cleric devotee of Chauntea

Hyrilion Aviar Hawkmen

Wilson Human Drake Ranger and Brute

Sanctify Kobold Devonshire Cleric devotee of Azuth

Xaolyn, Faerie POEE, ELF, Multiple Imaginary Fish Consort Through Erisian Shenanigans

Retired and Vanished Legends

Blue, Legendary ELF

Butter, Legendary Sentinel

Dark, Legendary Battlerager

Essence, Legendary ELF

Fouster, Legendary Ringwielder

Shulanthu, Legendary Psychic

Singularity, Legendary Green Lantern Corps

Garax, Legendary Battlerager

Vain, Legendary Paladin of the Void

Retired and Vanished Heroes

Xato, Advenus Devonshire Cleric

Please add information on your character. We want to hear the roleplaying history behind your character as well as some information about you. Thank you! Lost Souls loves its peeps!

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