Highest Level Character Without a Death

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I guess this will now be held by all the asynjur, balrogs and nephilim of the world...

Current Record Holder

Thori Level 52 Battlerager and Attuned

Slain in the Shadow Tower outside the hall of the Shadow Lord Kalyxes

As of an unknown date, this incarnos no longer exists.

Past Record Holders

Naris: level 47 - Died to the following

A white-skinned female dwarf battlerager, a tan-skinned male dwarf battlerager, a mottled brown bezhuldaar, a brown-skinned male human assassin, a reddish-skinned female human assassin, a white-skinned male kender wanderer, a dark green neuter invae hunter, a brown neuter invae hunter, a brown-skinned male gnome inventor, a hill giant, a black-skinned male human paladin, a tan-skinned male human paladin, a greenish-skinned male orc raider, a tan-skinned male goblin raider and a yellow-skinned male goblin raider are here.
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