Highest Level Character Without a Death

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Current Record Holder

Thori Level 52 Battlerager and Attuned

Slain in the Shadow Tower outside the hall of the Shadow Lord Kalyxes

Past Record Holders

Naris: level 47 - Died to the following

A white-skinned female dwarf battlerager, a tan-skinned male dwarf battlerager, a mottled brown bezhuldaar, a brown-skinned male human assassin, a reddish-skinned female human assassin, a white-skinned male kender wanderer, a dark green neuter invae hunter, a brown neuter invae hunter, a brown-skinned male gnome inventor, a hill giant, a black-skinned male human paladin, a tan-skinned male human paladin, a greenish-skinned male orc raider, a tan-skinned male goblin raider and a yellow-skinned male goblin raider are here.
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