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This is a female faerie with yellow skin, bright green wings, brown hair, and green eyes. You are about three and a fifth dimins tall, one dimin wide and a quarter of a dimin long. You have a red and blue Patryn name rune dubbing you Ulidur tattooed over your heart, interwoven with runes extending out over the rest of your body, a hardy, weatherbeaten look about you.

Naris used to be a neuter faerie until some circumstances (comments relating to neuter faerie, groping, seems like an empty promise) prompted a gender re-evaluation and switch with the assistance of Kurd. This gender re-evaluation is presumed to have triggered the slow realization that she had a latent psychic talent that has yet to manifest in its final form.

In combat Naris has used her tiny size to her advantage by combining it with her speed to be an agile and difficult target for opponents to hit. In combination with body alteration thanks to her ties in Nexus and the Weapons of vengeance Naris's supernal durability has greatly increased her ability to take on opponents who normally would swat her out of the air like a fly.



|                                    Naris                                    |
|               You are one of Lord Xar's Weapons of Vengeance.               |
|                     You are an Explorer of Lost Souls.                      |
|                       You are a Warden of Lost Souls.                       |
|                 You are a member of the Adventurer's Guild.                 |
>------------------------\ /-----------------------\ /------------------------<
|       Sex: Female       |      Race: Faerie       |        Age: 150         |
|        Level: 31        |   Experience: xxxxxxx   |      Wealth: xxxxxxx    |
|       Kills: 580        |        Deaths: 0        |      Kill Ratio: *      |
|        Lives: 30        |     Quest Points: 5     |     Diet: Frugivore     |
>------------------------/ \----------\ /----------/ \------------------------<
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