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   Rarity: Very Rare
   Plural: Hippouranoi
   Collective Term: a gust of hippouranoi
   Anatomy: Hoofed Quadruped
   Sexes: Male, Female
   Harm Skills:
       Animal Lore  36%
       Equestrian   36%
       Anatomy      27%

The hippouranoi, also known as asperi, are a rare species of magical horse-like creatures possessing a strong bond with the forces of elemental air. This bond has several effects, but the most prominent of these are the ability of the hippouranos to traverse the skies as easily as it traverses land and a constant wind that surrounds it.This wind is present even in environments that otherwise lack air, such as underwater or in areas without a normal gaseous atmosphere, enabling the creature (and any rider) to breathe in any environment.

Development Information: The hippouranos race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Sat Sep 17 22:30:26 2016.
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