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    Impossible, the President of Imptropolis, is a gray-skinned imp whose
sparkling green eyes seem to radiate wisdom, humor, goodwill, determination,
and intelligence -- such a combination of positive traits as seems to be
nearly, well, impossible!  
    He looks about nine and a twentieth dimins tall, two and seventeen
twentieths dimins wide, and seven tenths of a dimin front to back.  
    He is in good shape.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.
  • Notes:
    • Impossible is associated with a quest. Even though he is only present for a few seconds, he can be 'looked' at. (Maybe other things too?)
    • He is pretty much the last thing you see when completing the quest Free Imptropolis. After President Impossible thanks you he teleports you to the Losthaven city square:
You smash your large ruby, which bursts into a cloud of smoke.

    President Impossible emerges from the cloud of smoke.

    President Impossible looks around dazedly.
    President Impossible states, *My rescuer!  My eternal thanks, <adventurer>, and those of the people of Imptropolis!  With
Imperious gone, we will be able to return to our old, carefree way of life.* in squeakingly-accented Anglic.

    President Impossible smiles at you warmly.

    President Impossible states, *Please accept this token of our esteem.*

    President Impossible gives you your black pibrit.

    President Impossible looks thoughtful.

    President Impossible states, *Well, it's going to be hard work restoring Imptropolis to its former glory, and I had best
get to it.*

    President Impossible declares, *I'll transport you away from the city, <adventurer>; the forces left behind by Imperious
will be pursuing you if you remain.  Fare thee well!*

    President Impossible waves to you.
    the Losthaven square [n, s, e, w, d, street]

    Bill the town fool and Verindan the town cryer are here.
End of spoiler information.
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