Jhary a'Conal

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Location: Vanishing Tower
Occupation: Prisoner/Verynvelyr

  • Look

This is a male Amberite with white skin, black and white hair, and violet eyes. He is thin, with unruly hair and bright eyes. His face is as long and angular as his body, and his nose is thin and slightly crooked. He seems unperturbed by his imprisonment, even perhaps a bit amused. He has a webwork of sparkling light within and around him. He looks about nineteen and a half dimins tall, six and a tenth dimins wide and one and eleven twentieths dimins long. He is in good shape. He wields a mithril main gauche in his left hand and a steel rapier in his right hand. He wears a large blue silk shirt on his upper body, a wide-brimmed black leather hat on his head, a large yellow silk sash around his waist and a lace scarf around his neck.

  • Info

Availability inquiry: Jhary, what do you teach?
Cost inquiry: Jhary, what would a lesson in <subject> cost?
Instruction request: Jhary, teach me <subject(s)>.

  • Trains
 combat meditation
 elder lore
 elude pursuit <55
 fast talk
 find weakness
 legend lore
 precision strike
 stealth <62

Notes Has an elicat familiar named Whiskers.

Teaches anyone.

Jhary says, "There is no need to free me.  It is my destiny to remain here for some time yet."
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