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This article is about the Jing Shen race. For the jing shen as empathic bonded familiars, see Jing Shen (Empathic Bond).

     The Jing Shen Race
     Rarity: Exotic
     Plural: Jing Shen
     Anatomy: Vague
     Sexes: Neuter
     Harm Skills:
         Physics      50%
         Arcane Lore  25%
         Metaphysics  25%
     No specific help is available for this race.
     Development Information: The jing shen race was created by Marcosy; the source code 
 was last updated Tue Dec 06 14:07:08 2016.
     This is a hazy, indistinct shape of shimmering light that dances and flickers in 
 unpredictable patterns.  You recognize this as a jing shen, or mirror spirit, a kind of 
 energy being composed of refractions of light.  Ordinary weapons do them little harm, and 
 they are capable of refracting light and space around themselves to obscure their 
 positions and even destructively disrupt the positions of others in space as a 
 particularly effective natural defense.  It seems to slide constantly from your visual 
 focus.  It sparkles with a miniscule faintly shimmering shimmering dweomer aura.  It 
 appears to be composed of a few thin streamers of light.  It has a webwork of sparkling 
 light within and around it.  
     It looks about two fifths of a dimin across.  
     It is in good shape.
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