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Kaxmang Strunthlg

Summary: berserker neural cluster
Plural: G'kaxmang
Vorgaal: five
Typical Fungmrul: somewhat low
Required to Know: have at least 60 points among empathy skill and psychology skill
Required to Flgathl: have at least 90 points among empathy skill and psychology skill
Maximum Flgathu Formula: 1% of metamorphosis skill plus 1% of empathy skill plus 1% of psychology skill
Capabilities Affected: berserkergang, killer instinct, and antagonism
Efficacy Formula: 10% of metamorphosis skill plus empathy skill plus psychology skill,
    with diminishing returns on a scaling factor of one
Fl-n'gathl From: hurgkthorg

Attempting to derive some benefit from the hideous ghaa'ghu emotions inflicted on one by a hurgkthorg, a kaxmang is a neural node that fills one's consciousness with killing rage, with the potential to achieve a berserk state in combat. This can make one considerably more lethal, though often at a cost in self-preservation.

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