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As the physical vessel of a greater Kazar demon, you receive
a number of powers and benefits due to the ability of the demon
to transfer energy from your form to the surrounding area and
vice versa.
  Due to the kazarak's lack of a living body, there are a number
of obvious benefits.  Food and water are no longer required, and
the potential to take vital damage to certain limbs is greatly
  Since the kazarak are no longer living, healing does not occur
in a normal sense.  They are completely dependent on the energy 
transference abilities of the Kazar to enable the continued 
operation of their bodies.  The two major uses of this power are
the abilities of rebuild and revitalize.

 The kazarak are all working towards the same goal on this plane,
and as such must be able to communicate over distance.  The Kazar
allow this through use of a telepathic channel.
 One of the primary objectives of the Kazar on this plane is
to acquire stores of energy to fuel their operations.  The kazarak
aid in this effort by two methods.  The first and most common method
is to drain souls from fallen opponents, feeding their life force
to the Kazar demons.  The second is to consume items of
a magical nature, breaking down their enchantments and taking the 
underlying energy.  Both of these actions will result in a gift
of spiritual energy from the Kazar to the host body.
 Other usages of the drain power are possible against
targets which are still alive.  These are detailed in a separate list.

 The most powerful ability of the kazarak is to store up charges
of specialized energy in their bodies.  The specifics of how to
operate charges are detailed in a separate list.

 Lastly, the kazarak are capable of performing a very limited and 
dangerous form of teleportation, known as morphic translocation.
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