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The Kingdom of Bubasti was a kingdom of sekh which occupied portions of Tenochlan.



Sekh were the primary, and possibly sole, race which constituted the Kingdom of Bubasti.


Likely Ikatari or some linguistic ancestor.


Likely Bast and/or Sekhmet. There may also have been a religious cult that existed around worship of the King as a demigod.


The Kingdom of Bubasti arose on the continent of Tenochlan when a great hero (possibly named Maihesa) united several tribes of sekh into a single kingdom. The history of this Kingdom is largely undocumented, but it is known to have come into conflict with the Istax Empire on several occasions. The Kingdom eventually fell when one of its conflicts with the Istax Empire resulted in the death of the King. It is unclear how long the Kingdom survived the death of its king, but implied to be a short period of time.

The length of time during which the Kingdom existed is undocumented, but histories generally link the existence of the Kingdom to the lifespan of its founder, specifying that it dissolved after he was slain. Since Sekh lifespans rarely exceed 100 years, it seems likely that the Kingdom lasted for only a handful of decades unless the King's lifespan was extended somehow. As the Bubasti Kingdom was contemporaneous with at least part of the history of the Istax Empire, this would likely place the fall of the Kingdom generally no later than about 2000 years ago. Since the conflict that caused the fall of the Kingdom of Bubasti likely occurred well prior to the fall of the Istax Empire, while the Empire was in an expansionist phase, the fall of the Kingdom likely occurred at least a century or two prior to the fall of the Empire, if not earlier.

The descendents of the Sekh who formed the Kingdom of Bubasti presently form the Bubastian culture.


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