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Command: Launch

General-Use Command
Usage: <verb> <item> [<direction> | through <portal>] at <target> [with <launcher>]
Alternate Forms: fire, loose, shoot

Perform a ranged combat attack by launching an item at a target.  If you have ammunition already loaded into your launcher, you can '<verb> <launcher> at <target>' will launch
that ammunition; if not, <verb> <launcher> at <target> will load and fire the first ammunition suitable for the launcher that is in your inventory, or '<verb> <ammunition> at
<target>' can be used to specify the ammunition rather than the launcher.  When using the latter syntax, you will normally automatically use any appropriate launcher you are
wielding, but you can specify 'with <launcher>' if you so desire.  The target can be in the same room, in which case the syntax above is appropriate, or in an adjacent room, in
which case you would replace 'at <target>' with '<direction> at <target>'.  If you are already aiming the launcher at someone, you can simply '<verb> <launcher>' or '<verb>
<ammunition>' and the person you are aiming the launcher at will be used as the target; likewise, if you are in combat, '<verb> <launcher>' or '<verb> <ammunition>' will use your
current opponent as your target.

    Examples: shoot arrow at guard with bow
              fire bow at guard
              fire bow
              shoot arrow
              launch stone north at raider
              launch stone north at raider with sling
              loose sling north at raider
              loose sling
              launch stone
Development Information: The launch command was created by Chaos; the source code was last updated Thu Apr 04 18:05:54 2019.
See Also: aim, load, throw
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