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Command: Throw

General-Use Command
Usage: throw <item> [<direction> | through <portal>] [at <target>] [with <manipulator>][!]
Aliases: hurl

Throw an item, either to perform a ranged combat attack or simply to get rid of it.  Items can be thrown into adjacent rooms using the syntax 'throw <item> <direction>'. 
Typically you can only throw items in your inventory, but if you have a manipulatory capability able to act at a distance, you can throw items directly from your environment.  Without
a target specified, the item will be thrown at the target it was aimed at, if any, or at your current opponent, if you have one (unless thrown into a different room from the potential
target's location).  You can also specify 'at <target>' to make your intended target explicit.

The 'with <manipulator>' option allows you to specify a manipulator you would like to use.

Normally, this command is only used to throw items intended as weapons; however, if you give the command as an override (by putting a ! on the end), nearly any item can be thrown.

   Examples: throw knife
             throw dagger at jotun
             throw dart north at amalgamal
             throw helmet at dragon!
             throw chest east at guard!
Development Information: The throw command was created by Chaos; the source code was last updated Thu Apr 04 18:04:43 2019.
See Also: aim, throwing, launch, show manipulators
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