Longfall Boots

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Chell inspired boots that allow the wearer to reduce injury from falling.

This is a pair of boots made of leather.  The quality of its craftsmanship is excellent.  Curved, interlocking pieces of steel reinforce each boot, not at
the toe as is normal but along the calf and the heel.  These are longfall boots, boots magickally enchanted to aid the wearer in jumping -- and falling --
long distances with less risk of injury.  It is permeated by a dim auroric radiance.  You estimate its value at about seven hundred twenty gold.
It is intermediate in size, and looks just about right to fit you.  It appears to you as if it was crafted for a human.  It looks about one dimin across,
three dimins long, and a twentieth of a dimin thick.  It weighs about seven hundred twenty-seven thousandths of a dekan.  
  • You feel warmth coming from the steel inset of your pair of leather longfall boots, warmth that seeps into your calves and heels, strengthening them.
  • 15 Strength
  • 15 Agility
  • 65 Jumping
  • 65 Break Fall
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