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Rarity: Very Exotic
Plural: Meliae
Collective Term: a cloud of melias
Anatomy: Avian
Sexes: Male, Female
Harm Skills:
    Animal Lore  80%
    Anatomy      20%

Meliae are a race of extremely rare bird-like beings said to be the result of a Phoenix aging past a certain threshold, which results in the being losing the majority of its fire-based nature as its energies die down. The transition from Phoenix to Melia has never been recorded, however, and the scientific validity of the metamorphosis is often subject of scholarly debate. Despite this, Meliae are still powerful beings in their own right, characterized by their often-emberlike coloration and deafeningly loud screech, which has also been associated with resulting blasts of devastating amalgamal ash energy.

Development Information: The melia race was created by Benerius; the source code was last updated Sun May 08 09:10:53 2016.
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