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Usually she hangs out just outside Losthaven

Her limbs are named head, right foreleg, left foreleg, right foreclaw, left foreclaw, right wing, left wing, torso, right
hindleg, left hindleg, right hindclaw, left hindclaw, and tail.  Meep for all aedarene stuff, wince for just buffs, moan for just
healing, beep for comprehend languages, spaz <item> for infusion (goetia), syntax is 'trust nerilith' and 'say aspect thing in
lingua manu' for aspect of the wild, peer nerilith for portal list, steam X times for a portal by number, must be a digit not a
typed number like 'two,' if there is a pearl on the ground, 'say retrieve mycompanionhere in lingua manu' and I'll try to
retrieve, keeping in mind that I don't always know your companion's names and don't have a response for teleproof areas yet.
Nerilith was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Sun Apr 09 03:03:11 2017.

-PORTAL ZERO: Shadow Tower

-PORTAL ONE: Losthaven




-PORTAL FIVE: Enas Yorl | Sanctuary

-PORTAL SIX: Corpore Scyros

-PORTAL SEVEN: Semue Iera | Obsidia.

-PORTAL EIGHT: Zetesai Guildhall

-PORTAL NINE: Loch Nether | Yathryn

-PORTAL TEN: Temple of Aristes

remote portal opening: [OOC Starhound] rsteam nerilith x times

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