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    The Norsk Culture

    Homeland: Staavsgird
    Typical Races: human, thond, yeti
    Native Language: Norska
    The Norsk culture is predominantly human, with lesser numbers of thondur and yeti.  Members of
this culture typically lead lives that are based heavily on the sea, hailing from a handful of
small villages on the coast of Gardagh.  While the Norsk produce many fine sailors and fishermen,
they are perhaps best known for the groups of raiders they send forth to foreign shores in search
of supplies and riches.  The Norsk culture is highly spiritual, with most members believing in a
broad pantheon of gods, while also practicing ancestor worship through storytelling and oral
    Development Information: The Norsk culture was created by Nilten; the source code was last
updated Fri Oct 27 19:26:55 2017.
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