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This form contains a principle of emergent or resistant order, with chaos as a foil; it contains a resilience principle of order that can arise and even thrive in the face of chaos. It is indispensible for those Aligned who traverse the chaotic wilds of the Exoma: actualizing this form will manifest one's microcosm, an extremely small subplane of the Exoma that is personalized to one's needs, and even protective of one against hostility. One must be in the Exoma to actualize this form. There is a variable spiritual cost associated with this form that decreases radically with increased facility. The cost in order energy remains constant

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 90 points among

poetry skill, 10% of cosmology skill and unmodified Exoma fieldcraft skill

Facility Formula

20% of ego plus 10% of willpower plus 30% of conjuration skill plus 15% of poetry skill plus 15% of meditation skill plus 15% of lexiturgy skill plus 5% of Exoma fieldcraft skill

Facility Rating

204 of 250

Energy Costs

10 order and variable spiritual

Process to Actualize

subvocalize The moment two bubbles / are united, they both vanish. / A lotus blooms.

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