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Bonding Requirements

"Resilient form" and "fiery spirit" - Courage, Tenacity, and 50% of Discipline must total 150 points for the first requirement. 100% Fire Affinity, 500% Supernal Durability, 100% Somatesthesia and 30% Sky Fieldcraft must total over 40 points for the second. Phaethon are the obvious choice for bonding this familiar easily, although there are certainly many other combinations that can work just as well.

  • Note: These requirements appear to be outdated/incomplete. With high Courage (139), moderate Discipline (85), and low Tenacity (10), plus 95 Fire Affinity, I was unable to join. With the OIA sky fury buff (which raised Discipline to 278 and Tenacity to 203), I was then able to join. I suspect you need a base amount of Tenacity.
  • Another Note: The requirements are most certainly outdated. I was unable to bond a phoenix with 89 Courage, 74 Discipline, and 70 Tenacity. Raising Tenacity to 83 was necessary to bond the phoenix.
  • Yet another note: One was bonded with 60 Courage, 84 Tenacity, 56 Discipline.

NB: judging from the Empathic Bonds Book, it seems very likely that this familiar favors the Fire Affinity skill with respect to bond strength improvement. It may be worthwhile to specialize it to a high degree.

Known Abilities

The majestic phoenix is an enchanted avian beast that can be found in Darkhold's dungeon, or possibly other places. It is a ferocious combatant with its deadly beak and claws, and it has wings made of fire, with which it can also attack. It breathes air, and the flames surrounding its body emit significant light. The phoenix is magificently agile and tough, with a large amount of resistance to mundane damage, and when struck it inflicts fire damage on contact. It has a carnivorous diet.

NB: the light emitted by the phoenix can be a significant downside for a character with any degree of light sensitivity.

Petting the familiar

You pet Tempest with your bony right hand.
Your bony right hand is singed by contact with Tempest's orange fire, though 
you are largely unaffected by the attack.

This inflicts a small amount of fire damage on contact. Note that with enough fire affinity (approx 160) [Happened to me at 170. -Zeratul], this stops applying damage, although it does still exercise the fire affinity skill for training purposes.

Attribute Modifications

The phoenix familiar grants its consort a bonus equal to bond strength to vitality and ego.

Skill Bonuses






Shortly after:

At "somewhat frail" bond strength:

At "fairly healthy" bond strength:

  • Convert spell points into Elemental Fire resource energy
  • Renew, a self-only healing effect; be aware this charm costs 50 Elemental Fire resource energy rather than spell points

At "robust" bond strength:

At "Deep" bond strength: The ability to channel spiritual energy from yourself to your familiar

At "Very Deep" bond strength: The ability to summon a major fire elemental, costs 200 fire energy, max of two by complete strength

At "Nearing Completion" The ability to channel spiritual energy from your familiar to yourself

Additional Bonuses and Powers

Combat Maneuvers

At "fairly healthy" bond strength, a new attack maneuver called "Gout of White-Hot Flame" is granted. The attack requires elemental fire energy obtained by the Convert charm, also granted at the same tier. The attack does a mix of fire and heat damage. It is fairly accurate, does high damage to a fairly large area, has a moderate activity cost, and a low resource cost. Attack rating is based on the Willpower attribute and the Pyraturgy skill. Damage rating is unmodified.

At "deep" bond strength, a second attack maneuver called "Flare of Extropic Flame" is granted. This attack is similar to Gout of White-Hot Flame, except that it does a mix of fire and extropic damage. This attack also requires spell points and endurance to activate, as well as elemental fire energy.

Both attacks can be fired with the 'perform special attack' command.

Traits granted

At "fairly healthy" bond strength, the consort is granted the Luminescence trait, which increases to 5 at complete strength. Be aware that for a character with any degree of light sensitivity, this is a significant liability rather than a benefit.

Final Access (outdated)

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