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  • Location: Jhan
  • Occupation: Purple Priest
  • Look
    This is a male human with shimmering violet skin, black hair, and black eyes.  The high priest
of this sect of Kali is a ghastly spectre of a man wasted away by disease, decay, and time.  A
long, jagged scar runs the length of the left side of his neck.  He is permeated by a dim,
shimmering violet radiance.  He has a few thin wisps of surging radiance and a webwork of
sparkling light within and around him.  He is giving off a faint, barely-perceptible light.  
    He looks about sixteen dimins tall, four and nineteen twentieths dimins wide, and one and a
quarter dimins front to back.  
    He is in good shape.  
    He wields a steel spine dagger in his right hand.  He wears a large hooded dark gray wool robe
around his body, a large quartz-set silver amulet of daylight around his neck, and a large mithril
ring on his right hand.
  • Info
    His limbs are named head, chest, right arm, left arm, right hand, left hand, right leg, left
leg, right foot, and left foot.  Phylaris is an instructor and responds to the following verbal
    Availability inquiry: Phylaris, what abilities can you enhance?
    Cost inquiry:         Phylaris, what would it cost to enhance my <subject>?
    Instruction request:  Phylaris, enhance my <subject(s)>.
  • Enhances
 cold tolerance
 entropy resistance
 heat tolerance
 magick resistance
 poison affinity
 poison resistance
 qlippotic affinity <152
 sephirotic resistance 
  • Notes
  • Probably only trains Hantaka
  • Intros stuff
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