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A Pibrit is a Pyramid shaped object of sponge like material that restores SP/HP/END.

The magnitude of the restoral is based on several things. To my knowledge Ego has the largest affect on the amount restored, followed by carousing, which also helps prevent being stunned by the rush of energy coming from the pibrit.

To use Pibrit to it's maximum effect you'll want to have it infused, by an aligned strong in the form Lattice for order, chaos infused by a POEE, or by other means. Once infused it will turn a golden color, or change colors if chaos infused, but the original color of the pibrit will still determine the ratio of the energy restored.

To use a pibrit you will need to squeeze it. Once squeezed, a pibrit will lose its potency, and will need time to recharge. This is incarnos based and has nothing to do with the actual pibrit. Carrying multiple pibrits will not allow you to restore more energy than just carrying a single pibrit.

Pibrits can be purchased in Imptropolis Pibritorium.

Color of the pibrit determines the ratio of the values restored.

On a side note, certain pibrits cannot be infused fully because they already have magical properties.

Magical pibrits

  • Black pibrits - Good starter pibrit, restores a decent amount of all energies.
  • Rainbow pibrits - Great at restoring SP and not a lot else. More SP than yellow.
  • Double Rainbow pibrits - Works like rainbow, but will restore the most SP of any pibrit available.
 There's a shit ton of them...
 You see a red pibrit, a bunch of green pibrits, a couple of orange pibrits, a few blue pibrits, and a few yellow pibrits.

Known Infusable pibrits:

  • Red - Used to restore the most END
  • Green -
  • Yellow - Used to restore the most SP
  • Indigo - Used to restore the most HP

Known restoral ratios:

  • Yellow: ---- 32:18 spirit/endurance
  • Black: ----- 22:19 spirit/endurance
  • Violet: ---- 10-15:25-45 spirit/endurance

Technical Quotes.

[OOC Elronuan] "here's a pibrit, it's not the stuff that pibrit inherits though"
[OOC Elronuan] "void configure() {"
[OOC Elronuan] "    ::configure()%;"
[OOC Elronuan] "    alter_identity(Identity_Type, Identity_Type_Unit)%;"
[OOC Elronuan] "    add_description(({"
[OOC Elronuan] "        "A small four-sided pyramid of some","
[OOC Elronuan] "        Description(Description_Type_Element_Color),"
[OOC Elronuan] "        Description((["
[OOC Elronuan] "            Description_Type    : Description_Type_Element_Color,"
[OOC Elronuan] "            Description_Content : "colored","
[OOC Elronuan] "            Description_Flags   : Description_Flag_Content_Hyphenate,"
[OOC Elronuan] "        ])),"
[OOC Elronuan] "        ", slightly spongy material, with small bumps all about it.","
[OOC Elronuan] "    }))%;"
[OOC Elronuan] "    add_proportion((["
[OOC Elronuan] "        Element_Type            : Material_Pibrit,"
[OOC Elronuan] "        Element_Proportion      : 1.00,"
[OOC Elronuan] "        Element_Color           : "trololol","
[OOC Elronuan] "    ]))%;"
[OOC Elronuan] "    add_proportion((["
[OOC Elronuan] "        Element_Type            : Material_Dweomer,"
[OOC Elronuan] "        Element_Proportion      : 0.10,"
[OOC Elronuan] "    ]))%;"
[OOC Elronuan] "    set_global_rarity(Rarity_Very_Unusual)%;"
[OOC Elronuan] "    set_pibrit_spirit_proportion(1.5)%;["
[OOC Rarizzera] "Nice color"
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