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Ammok takes down Azathoth

  • Description:
Ammok accidentally 'pnws the big one at Disco Altar


Rashidun vs Bartziluth

  • Description:
Rashidun watches his constructs defeat Bartziluth in a single round.


Wandslinging vs Bloodbane

  • Description:
Alex takes out Bloodbane in one round using Wandslinger maneuvers.

Wandslinging vs Bloodbane2

  • Description:
Laithde the Invisible gives a demonstration of the power of Aligned and Wands.


Dyne and Surgin meet Abhoth

  • Description:
Abhoth decided to pay a visit to Losthaven so the silly Losthaven Guard decided to join the mighty Behold in 
trying to vanquish the acidic beast!

Abhoth vs Ammok in unarmed mode = major fail

  • Description:
Ammok 'n his gang discover that trying to punch a massive sac of acid to death is a bad idea...!

Shadow Tower

The Battle of Shadow Tower

  • Description:
Gavadel and Fasius lead an army of followers and yeomen on Shadow Tower.

Paligenesia Charm Demonstrated on Shadow Tower

  • Description:

Aislynn demonstrates the power of a phoenix bond.

Beware Kalxyes Area Attack

  • Description:

Ammok gets a new one ripped through his army by Kalyxes

Dame Raevyn of the Table Round

  • Description:

Myst forgets that his hoarde are all undead ...

Zak vs the Bez everyone seemed to be having trouble with

  • Description:

Self explanatory.


Vet vs Urdo

  • Description*
Reapers own Kaz.


Brak and Behold take on the Great Cthulhu

  • Description:
Brak and Behold paid a visit to the Great Cthulhu and his army of Gogtzuls and Shoggoths.


Porphyria and Vetallas vs Tiamat

  • Description:
Vetallas watches Porphyria kill Tiamat...poor poor Tiamat. 

Coma vs Tiamat

  • Description:
Tiamat receives an old-fashioned whoopin'.

Berzerk Blob vs Tiamat

  • Description:
Berzerk Blob snacks on pollo parmingiano while thrusting at Tiamat.


Berzerk Blob vs Musashi

  • Description:
Gentle and honourable Musashi stung by a Bezerk Blob.


Vetallas vs Ahrikol

  • Description:

Vetallas valiantly (after some prodding) attempts to kill Ahrikol. "Fuck you, Beasty" indeed!


Ammok's familiar's kaz dagger auto attacks Celebrimor (duh!)

  • Description:
Finwe 'pwns Ammok's crew after stupid Kaz weapon auto attack.

Kazarilin Greatsword

Dumb Ogre Brute vs Kazarilin Greatsword

  • Description:
Dumb Ogre Brute Unga feels the fury of a Demonic Kazarilin Greatsword.

Nikita vs Sanity

2010 Halloween Event

the Great Pumpkin

Halloween Battle: Dracula

2011 Halloween Event

Round 1: Psistorm's view

Everyone dogpiles Dracula

Lord Badt'key the wretched

Ammok meets Cthulhu's bodyguards

  • Description:
Ammok gets to feel Cthulhu's Love.

Patris Michael

Surgin vs. Patris Michael

  • Brutal. Just brutal.

Puff's Chaos Knight Familiar

Laithde vs. berserk Nicorphos

  • After a humiliating loss less than one week ago, Laithde attempts to redeem himself again! Eda was on hand to berserk Nicorphos and log the event.


Laithde vs Kali

Sanity versus Kali

Zygefgh versus Kali


Zygefgh versus Blue


Khu vs Tukrr

  • Khusavenosaen reminds Tukrr what the true meaning of despair is.


Porphyria vs. the Crimson Druid

  • In which an unexpected advantage of being a blood-drinking demon is discovered.


Porphyria vs Zrael

Zrael vs. Morgana

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