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Laithde vs. Ichiko, Fnissa, and Itun

Laithde vs. Shirawa

Zia vs. Unknown

Hypnotiq vs. Silvapup

Mysterio vs. Frigid at the pillar

Porphyria vs. Aku

Porphyria stabs an Aligned shoggoth to death after half the MUD eggs her on. Please do not attempt this at home.

Vetallas vs Morpheus

The Reaper finally gets his revenge ;p

Beasty vs Vetallas

The POEE/vv kicks the Reaper's ass

Beasty vs Vetallas round 2

Reaper gets his day - as long as he strikes first

Quebond vs. Laz

Lovely ANSI-to-HTMLified log of OZM lightning enhanced by the imaginary fish bond power Nightmare

Teaching vs Annette

Two sexy Spear Maidens and their Flycatchers get dirty and fight it out.

Crystalline vs Vetallas

This duel represents the power of the Stormlord more than anything else, but here it is by request.

Porphyria vs. Vetallas

Porphyria shows disapproval at Vetallas trying to use her as a weapon. No animals were harmed in the making of this log.

Karien and Sira's wedding

Haiku vs Lorf

Lorfeldel has to make sure his bitch is kept in line.

Laithde vs Alinisa

The humble Aligned has to kick a dumb witches ass for cursing him. It was pretty uneventful. Maybe OM's will learn their place now.

Pikrosphaera vs Maka

The cute little sphere decimates that one figure in the Lost Lamb...

Laithde vs. a Superior Intellect

Laithde tries out his shiny new talent on someone who is prepared for it.

Jishack vs Bill

Jishack gives Bill the ol' one, two! ... As in One, Bill dies; Two, Jishack dies!

Laithde vs Rieszthraxilath

Aligned goes all wand like on a OZM.

Rieszthraxilath vs. Laithde

This Eriday night at the Shadow Tower: the sorrowful tale of the Invisible One and his hilarious demise

Zakhara vs. Mistre

Zakhara as Lord Questor fields a challenge from Mistre.

Mapman Dies

The Mapman lost his last life in a tragic event outside LH

Lorfeldel and The Shoggoth

An epic battle between two chaotic forces ends the life of innocents.

Gojira vs Toottoot's Gogtzul

Shouldn't this be in player vs npc?

Marcosy Obliterates Nilten's Pinball Zap Record

Random chance makes for an impressive set of numbers indeed.

Caedes vs Fnissa's Crystal Lattice

Not really a fair fight, in hindsight, but still funny.

Infintcell Dies via Accident


Khusavenosaen's Feelings On Menephemes Psionic Feats

Zygefgh wields Vultan vs Togrek

Laithde vs Polymorph

Zygefgh vs Protector of the Three Marteltel

Not at all a fair fight, we thought Marteltel would be prevented from port/succor by being in the Imptrop jail cell

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