Polypid (Empathic Bond)

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You experience feelings of rapacity and fluidity.
You experience visions of strangely flowing shapes, coruscating colors and polychromatic jewels.


Bond Failure Message

   "You sense that some distrust from the polypous thing, as though it feels
   that you do not really understand it."

Bonding Requirements

Some amount of Gem Lore is required, seems to be about 75.

Known Abilities

Sometimes they will destroy any remains near them with the message

   "Irukandji descends on the fresh imp corpse and somehow sucks it up into itself in a bare moment."

Attribute Modifications

The consort gains Constitution, Strength and Dexterity from their bond.

Specialty Access






Directly on bonding:

In the middle of 'very frail':

At 'somewhat frail':


the ability to enchant an ordinary gemstone to orbit around your head and bestow various
benefits.  This charm requires the brainstem of a pegasus as a component.  To do this, concentrate on the 
moving empyrian power rooted within the brainstem into the desired gemstone.

Additional Bonuses and Powers

Polypid Pods

   You feel your physical form extending and contorting in a bizarre but pleasurable manner.
   A polypid fleshy violet left lower pod suddenly grows out of your torso.

At the beginning of 'robust' bond strength, the consort will grow four Polypid Pods on their body. Similar to the pods on a Polypid, these limbs will do shifting damage types in combat. The damage types appear to be in the same range as a Polypid's.

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