Psychic Vampire (Wild Talent)

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  • Primary use:
    • Leech spiritual energy from psychic contacts
    • Combat action (attack) - Drain Energy, 14 activity
  • Combat talent: Yes
  • Reveals by:
    • Looking at beings



This is an advanced telepathic talent, so both the basic and advanced telepathic commands are available in addition to those listed below.

Start Leeching

  • Command: concentrate on leeching psychic energy
  • Requirement: Have the target as your active telepathic contact
  • Effect: Begin leeching spiritual energy from the target
  • Facility:
  • Notes:
    • Facility governs your maximum number of simultaneous leeching processes, not the rate each produces spiritual energy at
    • The rate of spiritual energy is considerably lower for friendly contacts than for any other
    • Attempting to leech from Eldrinn will result in him sending you to Gezuun, making this the most efficient means to transport yourself there.

Stop Leeching

  • Command: concentrate on ceasing to leech psychic energy
  • Requirement: Have the target as your active telepathic contact
  • Effect: Terminates the process of leeching spiritual energy from the target


  • Command: concentrate on draining energy from <target>
  • Effect: Violently rip spiritual energy from the target, at the cost of receiving less than you spent
  • Facility:
  • Notes:
    • If you know your target is reliant upon spiritual energy for their combat abilities, this can be extremely effective opening move

Reveal Messages

Any of these reveal messages will be followed by:

You realize that your latent psychic wild talent is that of a psychic vampire.


You realize that one of your latent psychic wild talents is that of a psychic vampire.

Looking at Beings

Suddenly, glancing at Dagonet, you feel a strange stirring within your mind, and
somehow you feel yourself reaching out and pulling a small, subtle measure of
psychic energy from Dagonet into yourself.

Help File

  Psychic vampires are individuals with the ability to drain energy from the
psyches and bodies of others and absorb that energy themselves.  This power is
telepathic in nature; see 'help basic telepathy' and 'help advanced telepathy'
for relevant information.  In general, the same factors which affect the
difficulty of establishing telepathic contacts also affect the difficulty of
the operations described below.
  The first and more subtle ability of the psychic vampire consists of setting
up psychic conduits which slowly, subtly leech their victims of psychic energy.
Ideally, the victim never notices the gradual drain, and the conduit provides
a steady flow of added psychic energy.  The more skilled the psychic vampire,
the more of these conduits may be maintained simultaneously.  Your level of
ability at this is determined by your ego, intelligence, willpower, perception,
and skill at redaction and telepathy.  In order to set up the psychic leeching
effect, you must have a neutral or hostile psychic contact with your intended
victim, as described in 'help advanced telepathy', and make it your active
contact, as described in 'help basic telepathy'; a hostile contact will be much
more effective.  To begin leeching energy across your active contact,
concentrate on leeching psychic energy; to stop, concentrate on ceasing to
leech psychic energy.
  You may also employ your capacity to drain energy by pulling vitality from
your victim in a massive rush.  This is a combat maneuver, intended for the
purpose of debilitating the target rather than energizing the source; while
some of the energy drawn from the victim is absorbed, it requires more psychic
energy to extract than is received back, though you will note positive effects
on your physical state.  You do not need to have a psychic contact with your
target in order to do this, though if one is present it will help.  Your level
of capability at this is a matter of your willpower, perception, ego,
intelligence, and skill at redaction and telepathy.  To do this, concentrate
on draining energy from your target; you may refer simply to 'my opponent' to
target the individual you are fighting.
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