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Perform Create Chaos Rift

  • Paratheo-Anametamystikhood of Eris Esoteric Esoteric Maneuver
  • Usage: perform create chaos rift
  • Typical Activity Cost: 25

This is a really neat power. It lets you rip open a nice big hole in spacetime that you (and anyone else who happens by) can jump through. There's no way to tell where a rift goes until you try it, and there's no particular way back, but it's fun anyway. Some say using this power in a combat situation is very dangerous, while others say it is exceedingly entertaining.

Attune Rift

  • Energy Costs  : fifty points of spiritual energy
  • Process to Activate Power  : concentrate on attuning the psychosexual fetishes of <target> to <rift>

If you are particularly accomplished at the arts of chaoturgy, cosmology, and divination, you can attempt to attune an existing rift to the mental and spiritual patterns of a nearby person. As every Discordian knows, the best way to access a person's true self is via their sexual deviancies. Try not to snicker when you do so, unless you really, really feel like it.

  • Valere whispers, "A successful attunement links the rift to the target's personal microcosm."
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