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  • Location: The Aumbrie
  • Occupation: Librarian / Secret Shopkeeper
  • Look
This is a male human with grayish skin, gray hair, and yellow eyes.  His body and face appears somewhat strained and tense,
although his eyes are intensely calm and peaceful.  He is Rindol Meadowdark, a mysterious fellow who has apparently given up a life
of adventuring to settle down as the curator of the Aumbrie's sizable collection of literature.  He is permeated by a haze of
shadow, a dim auroric radiance, and a dim sparkling light.  
He looks about seventeen dimins tall, five and a quarter dimins wide, and one and three tenths dimins front to back.
  • Info
As a master of mysterious swordsmanship and other fighting styles, Rindol has knowledge of many esoteric fighting techniques.  To
request training in these techniques, simply say 'What combat maneuvers can you teach me?'  To learn a technique say,'Instruct me
in the technique <maneuver>'.  His limbs are named head, chest, right arm, left arm, right hand, left hand, right leg, left leg,
right foot, and left foot.  Rindol is an instructor and responds to the following verbal commands:
   Availability inquiry: Rindol, what will you teach me?
                         Rindol, what abilities can you enhance?
                         Rindol, what skills do you train?
   Cost inquiry:         Rindol, what would a lesson in <subject> cost?
                         Rindol, what would it cost to enhance my <subject>?
   Instruction request:  Rindol, teach me <subject(s)>.
                         Rindol, train me in <subject(s)>.
                         Rindol, enhance my <subject(s)>.
  • Teaches
 astrology max 180
 courage max 323
  • Enhances
 cold resistance
 qlippotic resistance
 shadow resistance 
  • Trains
 armour use
 hardiness max > 150
 massive exertion
 precision strike
 unarmed combat 
  • Instructs
chi strike
chi kick
rising torrent
piercing talon
soaring uppercut
falcon punch
 -since these maneuvers have prerequisite skills, possibly teaches what is appropriate skillset already possessed. Learned these as aligned
  • Notes
  • Won't teach or train you until you bring him a rare tome. Acceptable tomes include 'Liber Exerceo Ultravisis', 'The Book of Scyros', and 'On Empathic Bonds'.
  • Won't instruct combat maneuvers until you bring him a wheel lotus
  • Doesn't remember what you've given him across reboots
  • Responding to Rindol's idle chat: Rindol wonders, " Did you ever get your revenge, Leodak? "
    • You remark, 'leodak'
    • Rindol remarks, " Oh, I'm sure you don't want to hear that story. It's far too long. "
    • You remark, 'story'
    • Rindol remarks, " say Well, if you insist. You might want to get comfortable, however. "
    • Rindol remarks, " A very long time ago in a world much different from your own, I was a guard in a small town. One day, my friend Leodak and I chased down a thief who had stolen some goods in the market. When we cornered him, he fought with amazing skill like we had never seen before, but eventually we were able to defeat him. Unfortunately, he did not survive the encounter. "
    • Rindol remarks, " When we searched his corpse, we found a strange and cryptic map, which we followed to the far north, nearly dying in the process. We stumbled upon a secret monastery, where we were trained in strange and mystical arts of the blade by our leader, a masked figure called Black Fox. When our training was complete, we were sent out into the world to bring justice to evildoers with our skills... or so we thought. "
    • Rindol remarks, " Eventually we discovered that our missions had actually been mercenary work -- Black Fox was using our talents for profit, not for justice. We returned to the monastary to confront Black Fox, but we found it in flames, with most of our brothers dead. The only survivor was a classmate of ours named Diego, who joined us in our quest to uncover the truth and force Black Fox to answer for the crimes we had endured. "
    • Rindol remarks, " Our quest took us to some strange places, and we experienced many trials and suffered greatly. Eventually, we uncovered a horrible secret -- our world was doomed to be destroyed by a horrible phenomenon from beyond the stars, called the Dead Star, which destroyed all life and twisted it into unholy mockeries. "
    • Rindol remarks, " We eventually tracked down Black Fox, only to discover that our teacher had been concealing more than one truth. Black Fox, whom we had thought to be a man, was in fact a woman, a priestess revered by many kingdoms as a bringer of peace and truth. We and our brothers had been the strong right arm of a decades-long campaign of manipulation and political assassinations. We defeated and captured her, but we could not stop the arrival of the Dead Star, and our world was scythed clean of life, with the undead crawling from their graves to roam the world for all time. "
    • Rindol remarks, " The four of us managed to escape our world by traveling through the dimensions, but we were separated by the tides of the void. Leodak pursued Black Fox, I know not where, and Diego seemed to simply fade away. I found myself here in your world, near death, but managed to reach safety and recuperate. "
    • Rindol remarks, " After some time of becoming acquainted with your realm and learning your language, I traveled for some time, exploring and adventuring amongst your peoples. Eventually, however, I grew tired of wandering, and sought to find a place to dedicate myself to a worthy purpose. Eventually, I found the Aumbrie, uninhabited, and decided to devote my efforts to restoring and maintaining a safe haven within these realms. "
    • Rindol remarks, " And that is my story. I hope you haven't fallen asleep. "
  • Aedarene "discern secrets" reveals "You sense that Rindol has a secret or important piece of knowledge related to the term or terms ' where am I'.
  • Saying "aumbrie":
    • Rindol remarks, " Now, that is a bit of a long story. When I arrived here, the place was uninhabited, so I've had to piece together scraps of evidence to determine the true past of this place. "
    • Rindol remarks, " From what I can discern, long ago, this place was a sort of mage's college -- a vast center of magickal learning. Apparently most of the dwellings were in a complex of outbuildings that has long since been lost to the ages. This building, however, housed the great library, most of the classrooms and lecture halls, and a few special rooms. Almost the entirety of the structure is underground -- what you see here is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. "
    • Rindol remarks, " At some point in the relatively distant past, there was some sort of terrible accident in the lower levels. Not only were most of the students and staff killed, but the very fabric of reality was badly damaged there -- as a result, the lower levels of the Aumbrie, the archives, are now quite dangerous to traverse. Moreover, the space down there seems curiously indeterminate, and creatures wander the lower halls that could not possibly come from this world. I suspect that these are caused by some kind of interplanar weakening from whatever caused the accident long ago, but I'm not as knowledgeable about magick as I'd like -- I just know enough about magick to coat my blade with a little fire here and there. "
    • Rindol smiles sheepishly.
    • Rindol remarks, " Anyway, I've tried to at least clean the place up a little and seal away the worst of the things down in the archives. It's been nice and peaceful here. Hopefully you don't plan on changing that. "
  • Saying "archives":
    • Rindol remarks, " I'm afraid I don't know much about the archives. I have explored them a time or two, but they appear to be much vaster than would seem possible. The creatures which wander them are far too dangerous for me to want to spend much time there, however. I suspect those creatures did not come from the Aumbrie, but rather were drawn to the archives by whatever knowledge is hidden there. New creatures seem to come and go without passing through the library, so I can only assume some form of portal or rift exists in the archives. Regardless, I would strongly caution you not to dare such a place, unless you are capable of doing battle with terrifying undead arch-mages or strange creatures from beyond space and time. " to you.
  • Responding to Rindol's idle chat: Rindol remarks, " I must get more supplies. It will be time for my potion again soon. "
    • You say, "potion"
    • Rindol remarks, " I am in need of a rare flower that is only found on a far-away island. I need it for... a potion... of great import. You need not concern yourself with the specifics. However, if you bring me such a flower, I will be greatly in your debt. " to you.
  • If you try to kill him, he can use "arcs of fire cleavers" and when he is mortally wounded, he will put away all of his equipment (not 100% chance, it's the Aganarian Assassin's Garb, grow in size to enormous and go berserk.
He is a potential arbitrage client, and will respond to inquiries after arbitrage opportunities.  Rindol was created by Marcosy;
the source code was last updated Tue Oct 07 01:05:02 2014.  The human race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last
updated Wed Jul 02 14:05:43 2014.
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