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Lost Souls Player Rules

Atmai: Each person may only have one atman. You may not access, use or share another person's atman.

Emotes, Emits, and Emotions: These are provided in flexible format so as to give you better range for roleplaying; however, this flexibility makes it possible to use them to bypass languages. Don't. Appropriate 'flavor' text in emotes/emotions is fine, as is trying to communicate through gestures; simply using emote instead of 'say' or 'tell' is not.

Bug Exploitation: If you find a bug that can be exploited (used to produce benefits), report it and do not exploit it. Additionally, attempting to keep bugs and exploits secret is actively harmful to the game's balance and will be viewed very dimly by staff. Threatening other players in an attempt to keep them from divulging information about bugs and exploits or providing feedback regarding potential changes to unbalanced game content is absolutely prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Player Versus Player Conflict: PvP currently has no hard-and-fast restrictions, but take care how you treat it. See 'help PvP'.

Colors: 'help color' details our mechanism for embedding colors in text; use them properly. Do not use color codes to obscure your name, and do not create broken codes which bleed over into other text. If you can't make it work properly, don't use it. Beyond using color support correctly, refrain from using it in ways which are technically correct but excessively obnoxious socially.

Multiple Characters: You may have up to the number of characters your atman permits. They may not be played simultaneously. Only one of your characters may be in use at a time. The login interface will allow a second incarnation in case there is some issue that requires you to log in as another character in order to talk to developers about a bug or the like. Unless a situation like this applies, always log off one character before incarnating another.

Utility Characters: The use of utility characters is forbidden. The definition of a "utility character" is a character that exists not to actually be played as the game is intended, but to provide some sort of service, such as being a "mule" used to store items and gold, or casting a beneficial spell. This is something of a subjective evaluation, but as a rule, if your pattern of behavior with a given character would typically be to incarnate, have it perform some function, and disincarnate, it is probably a utility character. If the function benefits other characters on your atman, it is likely an especially egregious case of this. If you have a utility character, delete it. Please note that a major reason for this rule is to attempt to preserve the ability of Lost Souls to have a liberal maximum number of characters that can be on an atman; if people persistently ignore or evade this rule, it is likely to result in a reduction of this maximum.

Quests: We do not attempt to keep quest information secret. You can lead other people through quests, send them walkthroughs, and so on if that's how everyone concerned wants to play. However, do not discuss quest details that may be spoilers on public channels or audibly with bystanders nearby, so that people who would prefer to figure the quest out themselves can do so.

Guilds and Associations: Some guilds and associations are secretive organizations which forbid disclosing information about them or how to join them. Please see your guild or association's help files for whether this is the case with a group you are a member of.

Naming: Refrain from choosing names that are offensive, ridiculous or unreasonably similar to that of an NPC, another in-game entity or concept, or a reserved or banned name. This means, for example, that if you try to use the name "Yehovah" or "Dworkin" and it's reserved, using "Yehovvah" or "Dworkyn" is also unacceptable. You should always use legitimate names that your character would actually be called, not "cutesy" or "jokey" names, especially not ones that are out-of-character jokes. Lost Souls is not roleplaying-enforced, but the names you choose should, at the very least, make sense in a roleplaying context.

Primary Incarnos: Use the primary incarnos setting helpfully. If other people on Lost Souls are mostly familiar with you as a particular incarnos, make that incarnos your primary. Developers should usually have their developer incarnos as their primary. Specifically do not set a little-used character with an obnoxiously long and difficult to type name as your primary incarnos.

Triggers, Timers, and Automation: The use of triggers and timers is discouraged, but not forbidden. If you insist on using triggers and timers, you are responsible for ensuring that they do not negatively impact the MUD or create a public nuisance, as for example by causing the accumulation of extremely large inventories (whether in rooms, personal inventory, containers or otherwise). Specifically, do not automate the use of the 'forage' command; this will always risk negatively impacting the MUD. Any form of automation that involves very high volumes of command processing -- for example, anything that's based around queueing large numbers of commands so your character is always running through them as quickly as possible -- is forbidden.

Age: You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to access Lost Souls. Lost Souls is not intended for those under the age of 18.

Quality of Discourse: Lost Souls is meant to be welcoming to all players of appropriate age. Achieving this requires a degree of support from you. Please refrain from public conduct that a reasonable person would conclude is likely to make others feel unwelcome, such as the use of slurs against particular races, genders, sexual orientations, and so on.

Criminal Activity: Do not use Lost Souls or any related faculty to engage in criminal activity.

General: Please be aware that senior developer staff may take essentially any action they see fit with respect to the game, up to and including deleting and banning players at their sole discretion. We do not believe in using this power in an arbitrary and capricious manner, so you should not be afraid to play the game, but you should know that if you make yourself greatly obnoxious, it will not go well for you. In general, just make a reasonable effort at having your contribution to the overall environment be a positive one, and you won't have any problems.

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