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Command: sbar < on | off | settings | fix >

The status bar is a line (or multiple lines) which stays on the screen, updating once per heartbeat, displaying customizable information. The status bar requires full ansi support, most importantly, screen manipulational ansi.

Features: can be customized to suit the user with over twenty-five different types of information.

Settings: Autoload the status bar on login, toggle with 'A'
Screen length, set with 'L' (This is generally 25, but you might have to adjust if all 25, 43, 50 lines, etc. aren't available)
Scrolling or Stationary, people who have ansi colour support but not ansi screen manipulation support should use the scrolling status bar which is akin to 'vitals'
Location can be top or bottom of screen, toggle with 'T'
Reset settings to default, 'R'
Edit the layout of the status bar with 'E'
Create a status bar from scratch with 'N'
Select a status bar from an index of all-time favourites with 'S'
Save settings and exit, 'Q' or 'X'

If you create a status bar and feel it is interesting enough to be added to the index of all-time favourites, mail it to Fixy and if he agrees, it will be added to the index.

See also: sbar editor

This is the one that I use.

{{yellow}SP }{{white}%sp/%msp }{{yellow}HP }{{white}%hp/%mhp }{{yellow}END }{{white}%end/%mend }{{yellow}Cash }{{white}%cash/%mcash }{{yellow}EXP }{{white}%exp/%mexp %nexp }{{yellow}SPD }{{white}%spd}

Have fun hope you enjoy!!


This is my sbar, don't remember if I made it myself or borrowed from someone else:

{{black}HP:}{{red}%hp/%mhp} {{black}CHST:}{{red}%chst/%mchst} {{black}HD:}{{red}%head/%mhead} {{black}SP:}
{{blue}%sp/%msp} {{black}END:}{{green}%end/%mend} {{black}SPD:}{{cyan}%spd} {{black}C:}{{yellow}%cash/%mcash} 
{{black}TNL: %nexp} {{black}E:}%hlth {{black}A:}{{white}%arean}{{black}>>}


Set Status Bar
   OOC Incarnos-Only Interface Setting
   Usage: set status bar to <format|on|off|autoload|scrolling|top|bottom|prompt|combat>
   Sets the format that your status bar will be in when displayed.  You may include any valid color codes as well as any of the
   tokens below to add context sensative information to your bar.  You may generate a new line by seperating each line with a comma
   Example: set status bar to {{blue}HP:}  {{red}%hp/%mhp},{{blue}SP:}  {{red}%sp/%msp}
   %acount:       attacker count                               Ex:  0
   %adv:          combat advantage                             Ex:  none
   %ago:          current agonistic energy                     Ex:  0
   %ahealth:      opponent's health description                Ex:  None
   %air:          current elemental air energy                 Ex:  0
   %align:        alignment description                        Ex:  saintly and ordered
   %ap:           active players                               Ex:  18
   %assimilativity:  assimilativity                               Ex:  -13
   %chest:        current chest health                         Ex:  190
   %col:          current amalgamal cold energy                Ex:  0
   %cst:          central standard time                        Ex:  Thu May 23 22:09:13 2019
   %deaths:       total deaths                                 Ex:  10
   %diverge:      alignment divergence                         Ex:  in accord
   %elc:          current electrical energy                    Ex:  0
   %end:          current endurance                            Ex:  1287
   %ent:          current entropic energy                      Ex:  0
   %equipdura:    badly damaged equipment                      Ex:  None
   %ert:          current elemental earth energy               Ex:  0
   %ethics:       ethics description                           Ex:  saintly and ordered
   %ext:          current extropic energy                      Ex:  0
   %fir:          current elemental fire energy                Ex:  0
   %goe:          current goetic energy                        Ex:  46
   %head:         current head health                          Ex:  86
   %heat:         current heat energy                          Ex:  0
   %hp:           current health                               Ex:  865
   %hunger:       hunger description                           Ex:  satiated
   %kills:        combat kills                                 Ex:  394
   %level:        current level                                Ex:  32
   %lex:          local exploration percentage                 Ex:  14
   %lig:          current light energy                         Ex:  0
   %lives:        lives remaining                              Ex:  10
   %mago:         maximum agonistic energy                     Ex:  144
   %mair:         maximum elemental air energy                 Ex:  134
   %mchest:       maximum chest health                         Ex:  190
   %mcol:         maximum amalgamal cold energy                Ex:  24
   %melc:         maximum electrical energy                    Ex:  17
   %mend:         maximum endurance                            Ex:  1287
   %ment:         maximum entropic energy                      Ex:  31
   %mert:         maximum elemental earth energy               Ex:  64
   %mext:         maximum extropic energy                      Ex:  70
   %mfir:         maximum elemental fire energy                Ex:  15
   %mgk:          current magickal energy                      Ex:  0
   %mgoe:         maximum goetic energy                        Ex:  395
   %mhead:        maximum head health                          Ex:  86
   %mheat:        maximum heat energy                          Ex:  18
   %mhp:          maximum health                               Ex:  865
   %mlig:         maximum light energy                         Ex:  103
   %mmgk:         maximum magickal energy                      Ex:  21
   %mqp:          maximum quest points possible                Ex:  406
   %msmo:         maximum smoke energy                         Ex:  12
   %msp:          maximum spiritual energy                     Ex:  1117
   %munh:         maximum qlippotic energy                     Ex:  13
   %mwealth:      maximum wealth                               Ex:  60824
   %mwtr:         maximum elemental water energy               Ex:  58
   %mxos:         maximum chaos energy                         Ex:  17
   %newline:      newline                                      Ex:
   %nxp:          total experience for next level              Ex:  1080000
   %qp:           current quest points                         Ex:  100
   %rxp:          experience until next level                  Ex:  53326
   %smo:          current smoke energy                         Ex:  0
   %sp:           current spiritual energy                     Ex:  330
   %space:        space                                        Ex:
   %speed:        speed                                        Ex:  37
   %thirst:       thirst description                           Ex:  thoroughly quenched
   %timeofday:    time of day                                  Ex:  Day
   %unh:          current qlippotic energy                     Ex:  0
   %wealth:       current wealth                               Ex:  51260
   %weardura:     badly damaged clothing                       Ex:  None
   %wtr:          current elemental water energy               Ex:  0
   %xacid:        amalgamal acid energy status                 Ex:  0/53.2
   %xair:         elemental air energy status                  Ex:  0/133.6
   %xalk:         amalgamal alkali energy status               Ex:  0/24.4
   %xash:         amalgamal ash energy status                  Ex:  0/0
   %xcha:         chaos energy status                          Ex:  0/17.4
   %xchest:       chest health status                          Ex:  190/190
   %xcold:        amalgamal cold energy status                 Ex:  0/24.4
   %xcre:         creative energy status                       Ex:  0/10
   %xcry:         amalgamal crystal energy status              Ex:  0/17.9
   %xdar:         amalgamal darkness energy status             Ex:  0/0
   %xear:         elemental earth energy status                Ex:  0/64.0
   %xemo:         emotive energy status                        Ex:  579/579
   %xend:         endurance status                             Ex:  1287/1287
   %xentr:        entropic energy status                       Ex:  0/31.2
   %xesk:         amalgamal eskara energy status               Ex:  0/0
   %xextr:        extropic energy status                       Ex:  0/69.7
   %xfir:         elemental fire energy status                 Ex:  0/15.1
   %xgoe:         goetic energy status                         Ex:  46/395.2
   %xhea:         amalgamal heat energy status                 Ex:  0/17.9
   %xhead:        head health status                           Ex:  86/86
   %xhp:          health status                                Ex:  865/865
   %xice:         amalgamal ice energy status                  Ex:  0/0
   %xint:         intellectual energy status                   Ex:  292/292
   %xlightning:   amalgamal lightning energy status            Ex:  0/17.5
   %xlit:         amalgamal light energy status                Ex:  0/103.1
   %xmag:         magickal energy status                       Ex:  0/21.3
   %xmagma:       amalgamal magma energy status                Ex:  0/14.3
   %xmet:         amalgamal metal energy status                Ex:  0/23.3
   %xmist:        amalgamal mist energy status                 Ex:  0/12.9
   %xmud:         amalgamal mud energy status                  Ex:  0/13.3
   %xooz:         amalgamal ooze energy status                 Ex:  0/28.2
   %xord:         order energy status                          Ex:  0/0
   %xos:          current chaos energy                         Ex:  0
   %xp:           current experience                           Ex:  1026674
   %xqlip:        qlippotic energy status                      Ex:  0/13
   %xseph:        sephirotic energy status                     Ex:  0/0
   %xsmo:         amalgamal smoke energy status                Ex:  0/11.5
   %xsp:          spiritual energy status                      Ex:  330/1117
   %xsto:         amalgamal stone energy status                Ex:  0/0
   %xthun:        amalgamal thunder energy status              Ex:  0/17.4
   %xumb:         umbral energy status                         Ex:  0/0
   %xvoid:        amalgamal void energy status                 Ex:  0/0
   %xwat:         elemental water energy status                Ex:  0/58

There are also numerous pre-defined status bars that you can specify.
   Example: set status bar to default
   Quebond's Azure Bar by Quebond
   [0/134a] [0/17x] [0/17e] [None]
   [330/1117sp] [1287/1287end] [865/865hp] [86:190/86:190h:c] [37spd] [51260/60824$] [53326/1080000xp]
   Fun Bar by Fixy
   [Sp: 330/1117]  [Ed: 1287/1287]  [Hp: 865/865]  [H/C: 86/190]  [$: 51260/60824]
   [Al: saintly and ordered]  [Qp: 100]  [Eat: satiated/thoroughly quenched]  [Ex: 53326]
   Seek's Playing Bar by Seek
   [SP: 330/1117]  [End: 1287/1287]  [HP: 865/865]  [Exp: 53326]  [$: 51260/60824]
   [Al: saintly and ordered]  [QP: 100]  [Limbs: 86/190]
   Nerevarine's Ringwielder Bar by Nerevarine
   Sp: 330/1117 End: 1287/1287 Head: 86/86 Chest: 190/190 << 37 >>
   saintly and ordered / in accord tgt: None XP+: 53326  ::Day::
   Reaper Bar by Erebus
   -=head: 86.86 chest: 190.190 sp: 330.1117 end: 1287.1287 speed: 37 victim: None
   xp: 1026674.53326 $: 51260.60824 blood and souls: 394 align: saintly and ordered %reaper=-
   Klisje's One Liner by Klisje
   Battlerager Bar by Brawn
   HP:865/865 Speed:37 Xp:53326 $:51260/60824 Sp:330/1117 End:1287/1287 Align:saintly and ordered Online:18 Victim:None
   Borel's Berserker Bar by Borel
    SP: 330/1117    END: 1287/1287      HP: 865/865
    Speed: 37                          ENEMY: None
   Darkfire by Erebus
   :: Head: 86/86 Chest: 190/190 End: 1287/1287 SP: 330/1117 Speed: 37 ::
   :: $: 51260/60824 XP: 53326 QP: 100 Target: None ::
   Default by Erebus
   [ Spirit: 330/1117 Endurance: 1287/1287 Speed: 37 Adv: none Head: 86/86 Chest: 190/190 ]
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