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Command: sbar < on | off | settings | fix >

The status bar is a line (or multiple lines) which stays on the screen, updating once per heartbeat, displaying customizable information. The status bar requires full ansi support, most importantly, screen manipulational ansi.

Features: can be customized to suit the user with over twenty-five different types of information.

Settings: Autoload the status bar on login, toggle with 'A'
Screen length, set with 'L' (This is generally 25, but you might have to adjust if all 25, 43, 50 lines, etc. aren't available)
Scrolling or Stationary, people who have ansi colour support but not ansi screen manipulation support should use the scrolling status bar which is akin to 'vitals'
Location can be top or bottom of screen, toggle with 'T'
Reset settings to default, 'R'
Edit the layout of the status bar with 'E'
Create a status bar from scratch with 'N'
Select a status bar from an index of all-time favourites with 'S'
Save settings and exit, 'Q' or 'X'

If you create a status bar and feel it is interesting enough to be added to the index of all-time favourites, mail it to Fixy and if he agrees, it will be added to the index.

See also: sbar editor

This is the one that I use.

{{yellow}SP }{{white}%sp/%msp }{{yellow}HP }{{white}%hp/%mhp }{{yellow}END }{{white}%end/%mend }{{yellow}Cash }{{white}%cash/%mcash }{{yellow}EXP }{{white}%exp/%mexp %nexp }{{yellow}SPD }{{white}%spd}

Have fun hope you enjoy!!


This is my sbar, don't remember if I made it myself or borrowed from someone else:

{{black}HP:}{{red}%hp/%mhp} {{black}CHST:}{{red}%chst/%mchst} {{black}HD:}{{red}%head/%mhead} {{black}SP:}
{{blue}%sp/%msp} {{black}END:}{{green}%end/%mend} {{black}SPD:}{{cyan}%spd} {{black}C:}{{yellow}%cash/%mcash} 
{{black}TNL: %nexp} {{black}E:}%hlth {{black}A:}{{white}%arean}{{black}>>}


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