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Seatox is DEAD! R.I.P.

It isn't here anymore. Don't bother looking for it in-game.

This character has been removed from the realm of Lostsouls

  • Location: Sounion, Bottom of Maze (9, 9, -5)
  • Occupation: Big honking water dragon.
  • Look
His body is covered with thick dark cyan scales that shimmer like the ocean under a summer sun.
His dark blue eyes is large and dark, like the deepest abyss of the ocean.  A green stripe runs
down his neck creating a distinct delineation between his bluish scales and the silvery scales of
his underbelly and throat.  His wings have formed into showy yellow fins tipped in sharp spurs.
You recognize him as Seatox, a benevolent water dragon.  He is a middle-aged dragon, and is well
regarded for both his hospitality and his patience.  He is permeated by a dim sparkling light. He
looks about sixty-one dimins long, fifteen and a half dimins wide, and thirty and a half dimins
tall.  He is in good shape. 
  • Info
Availability inquiry: Seatox, what skills do you teach?
                      Seatox, what abilities can you enhance?
Instruction request:  Seatox, enhance my <subject(s)>.
                      Seatox, teach me <subject(s)>.
  • Trains
abjuration            alchemy            aquaturgy             astrology
biophrasty            breath control     calligraphy           chaoturgy
chronophrasty         cryoturgy          divination            eideturgy
evocation             floraphrasty       glaciaturgy           halaturgy
kalaturgy             martial arts       navigation            pole arm
seamanship            skiaturgy          skotaturgy            spirit lore
summoning             swimming           theriophrasty         Ularu
venophrasty           viturgy
  • Enhances
aging retardation     aging reversal     cold affinity         ice affinity
water affinity

  • Notes
    • More useful than Maardryd, the other (and useless) water dragon.
    • Due to the awesome brainpower of Lysator you can go through the whole maze with a ring of water breathing But step into the same room as Seatox and you'll be crushed by the pressure.
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