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Sir Tarquine the Black Knight

This is a male human with tan skin, black hair, and blue eyes. Sir Tarquine, also known as the Black Knight, is a man whose name is feared throughout the land. At first sight, anyone who did not know him might think that he is known as the Black Knight simply for the eerie black armour he wears. However, those familiar with his reputation know that it is the murderous cruelty he has shown to many an innocent being and the merciless destruction of innumerable homes and villages that has gained him such a foreboding title. His movements are somewhat slow. His body has been twisted and malformed by some foul curse.

   He looks about nineteen dimins tall, five and nine tenths dimins wide, and one and nine twentieths dimins front to back.
   He is in good shape.
   You have found a weakness in his right foot.

After a moment, the knowledge that Sir Tarquine is composed of sixty-three percent flesh, nineteen percent blood, six percent bone, six percent skin, three percent brains, one percent hair, one percent black bile, one percent green bile, one percent phlegm, and one percent eye drifts into your mind like a long-forgotten memory.

Vetallas notes - He carries around a black plate, black mithrill broad sword, and kite shield. the sword does unholy damage, and is nice for evil people in my opinion.

He wanders, all ye Aedarene seeking heraldry... find a haruspex friend.

  • Trains
 armour use

  • Teaches
 armour lore
 weapon lore 
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