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This article is about the sleipnir creature. For sleipnir as empathic bonded familiars, see Sleipnir (Empathic Bond).

Rarity: Exotic
Plural: Sleipnir
Collective Term: a storm of sleipnir
Anatomy: Hoofed Octoped
Harm Skills:
    Animal Lore  36%
    Equestrian   36%
    Anatomy      27%

No specific help is available for this race.

Development Information: The sleipnir race was created by Chaos; the source code was last updated Tue Mar 15 02:22:05 2016.
  • Look
This is a sleipnir mare with a gray coat, brown mane and tail, and brown eyes.  The sleipnir are a race of powerful eight-legged horses said to be kept as personal stock by the
god Odin.  She is permeated by a haze of surging radiance.  She has a webwork of sparkling light within and around her.  
She looks about thirty and a half dimins long, seven and thirteen twentieths dimins wide, and fifteen and a half dimins tall.
  • Info
Her limbs are named head, right foreleg, left foreleg, right forehoof, left forehoof, right mid-foreleg, left mid-foreleg, right mid-forehoof, left mid-forehoof, torso, right
mid-hindleg, left mid-hindleg, right mid-hindhoof, left mid-hindhoof, right hindleg, left hindleg, right hindhoof, left hindhoof, and tail. The gray sleipnir mare was created by
Chaos, who wishes to credit Robert Anton Wilson and Kerry Thornley as inspiring this work; the source code was last updated Sun Feb 14 17:04:21 2016.  The sleipnir race was
created by Chaos; the source code was last updated Tue Mar 15 02:22:05 2016.
  • Analysis
After a moment, the knowledge that the gray sleipnir mare is composed of fifty-eight percent flesh, seventeen percent blood, six percent fur, six percent skin, six percent bone,
two percent hair, two percent brains, one percent choleric bile, one percent melancholic bile, one percent phlegm, one percent nerves, and less than one percent eye and possesses
a skin, a scalp, a skull, a brain, two ears, two eyes, a brainstem, a nose, a tongue, two tonsils, a pituitary gland, a pineal gland, two nipples, a ribcage, eight legbones, eight
footbones, a tailbone, a heart, a spine, a spinal cord, two lungs, a trachea, an esophagus, a stomach, a thyroid gland, a thymus gland, a pancreas, a spleen, a gall bladder, an
uterus, a liver, a large intestine, an appendix, a small intestine, two kidneys, two adrenal glands, a bladder, a clitoris, a vulva, a vagina, a prostate gland, a colon, a rectum,
and an anus drifts into your mind like a long-forgotten memory.


  • Can be summoned via ELF Odin invocation
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