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(Note: This bond was updated Jan 1st, 2023 as per change 8103. So, some of the below is old and needs updating.)


Bonding Requirements

20 Elder lore - More than just this is required, had 67 elder lore and could not bond until after I raised poison lore to 17.

Elder Lore alone does not appear to be enough. 52 on a new character also required 10 poison lore to bond a snake.

  • Bond Assim Skill is Elder Lore
    • Upping Elder Lore from 36->313 gives ~11% Assim Speed, so roughly 1% every 25 points (remember bond assim is based on unmodified not modified skills)
  • Skills that do NOT impact Bond Assim

Attribute Modifiers

Those who form an empathic bond with a snake receive bonuses to their Willpower, Agility, Intellect, and Perception.

Combat Bonuses

Skill Bonuses





and possibly also:


Fairly Healthy:





Combat Maneuvers

Somewhat Frail:

  • Coiled Strike

Very Deep:

  • Soul Fang
Perform Soul Fang
Empathic Bonds Maneuver
Usage: perform soul fang [at <target>]
Activity Cost For You: Varies on weapon being used (see below)
Cost: 10 SP, 10 END
Drawing on esoteric and metaphysical knowledge, make a piercing strike that attempts to temporarily disrupt the connection between the body and the spirit.
  • Needs piercing weapon like Coiled Strike
  • Appears to possibly give SD (need to confirm), but need to hit and do enough damage in order to trigger it
  • Attack: Adds Arcane Lore at 1:1.1
  • Attack: Adds 60% additional Intellect
  • Damage: Adds 22% additional Strength
  • Damage: Adds 22% additional Massive Blow
  • Activity (Depends on Activity of weapon being used):
    • 26->20
    • 17->13
    • 15->11
    • 14->11
    • 12->9

Additional Abilities

WARNING BEWARE Of Ka Chakra from Wandslingers WARNING
This will very rapidly drain all your Chakras to 0 in favor of the Ka Chakra
The Snake Chakra charge ability does NOT work when Ka Chakra exists
This is 100% a Nerf to your character, activating it is highly inadvisable

Midway Very-Frail:

  • Snakes will periodically open and charge your chakras, all at once. The stronger the bond, the higher the charge.
    • At Complete bond the chakra charges are enough to top off and get traits like Paravision and Paraneurism
  • Ioun Stones work better w/ a Snake Bond, but the benefit is VERY small due to Ioun Stones giving very little base benefit, therefore the subsequent buff is small
    • Ioun Stones are buffed 1% per 10% of bond strength up to Complete, so at 100% your +30 to a Skill would then be +33
    • Ioun Stone buffs do scale post 100% bond but it is not 1:1, i.e. if you have 200% total bond Strength (so 100% over which is a ton) it's not going to 2x the benefit, more like half or 5%. So that +33 would be like +34 or +35.

Before Resilient:

  • Ambidexterity (Not sure on this, apparently Zuth has this already. Can anyone confirm?)
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