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Foremost among the powers granted to the Warbreakers is the ability to summon a manifestation of Auldirfeng's power, a sort of 'shadow copy' of the legendary blade. Known to Warbreakers as a Starshadow Blade, this weapon serves as the badge of office for Warbreakers abroad within the Empire (or at least it did, back when the Empire actually existed in a meaningful sense). In addition to functioning as a serviceable weapon, the blade can be used to draw forth aspects of Auldirfeng's power, enabling the wielder to produce supernatural effects of various types. These effects take the form of maneuvers usable by Warbreakers whenever they have a Starshadow Blade equipped, and the strength of the effect is primarily dependent upon the summoner's expertise with skills related to the channeling, direction, focusing, and tuning of power from objects which respond to one's will.

To summon your starshadow blade, will a shadow of Auldirfeng to appear in your grasp.

The particular Starshadow Blade maneuvers known to you are as follows:

A Starshadow Blade cannot persist once out of its wielder's possession; a common tactic is for Warbreakers to drop or throw their blades as needed and resummon them as desired. You may only have one Starshadow Blade present at a time.

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