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In addition to its use as a mundane weapon, your starshadow blade is also capable of summoning an aura of protective enchantment around you, which lasts as long as you wield your starshadow blade. To summon the aura, simply will your starshadow blade to summon a protective aura.

The aura grants a small amount of protection from most forms of harm, in much the same manner as light mundane armour. In addition, the aura can be commanded to attune itself to various uses and aptitudes, known collectively as aspects.

The starshadow aura aspects known to you are as follows:

Maintaining the aura also drains a small amount of spiritual energy from you periodically; losing your grasp on your starshadow blade or letting your reserves of spiritual energy run too low will cause the aura to dissipate. You can also will your starshadow aura to dissipate to dismiss it.

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