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The Stop Command

  • The stop command is used to cease performing various activities your character can do. Each activity can define its specific syntax requirements, but the pattern is usually 'stop <activity>' or 'stop <activity> <argument>'. In addition, you can simply use the command 'stop' by itself to stop (or try to stop, in some cases) any ongoing activity you might be engaged in. Help is available on each activity; type 'help stop <activity>' for information. The activities you can stop are listed below.

    Incarnos-only activities:
blocking channel <channel> ignoring <person> keeping <item> sharing alias <name>
    General activities:
aiming attacking with <attack> befriending <who> defending with <dodge|limb|weapon> fleeing following [<people>] holding my breath hunting [<person>] resting trusting <who>
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