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The Switch Command

  • The switch command is related to the set, start, and stop commands. Settings which change between a small set of values, such as 'on' and 'off',or which are stopped and started in the same general way, can be 'switched' between these states with the syntax 'switch <value>'. For example, 'switch chase mode' is equivalent to 'set chase mode on' or 'set chase mode off' depending on whether your chase mode is currently on or off. Help is available on each value using 'help switch <value>'. The values which can be switched are listed below.

    Incarnos-only values:
blocking channel <channel> brief combat depiction <name> idle disincarnation ignoring <person> keeping <item> sharing alias <name>
    General values:
aim chase mode elude mode extended fleeing fleeing holding my breath resting stealth mode vitals display
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