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rough headings breakdown.

Misc Wisdom (link/cleanup into existing wiki pages wherever possible, this is a category probably? headings sorted into beginner/intermediate/advanced guides)

-Character size breakpoints for weapons. figure out bulk for a couple races, publish methodology for calculating it. integrate this page Weapon_Sizes 
-Kazarilin this page mostly done. templating out an info page for newbie zeth who need to find racefoo. "Locations and Landmarks by race" kind of thing would be good.
-Category: Player Activities.  Basically wtf do I do in tha game. Write out articles for arbitrage, traveler challenges, Murderhobo Kill Lists etc. Examples of all the progression mechanics, karma, subversion, bond progression, xp etc.
-Flesh out article about Combat. people are really bad at figuring this out.
-More work fleshing out items available in game. Not terribly practical, but it's the kind of shit I like to browse on wikis.
-item availability/acquisition   I've made item categories and wrote articles for a fair number of them. Need to work out a way to link back availability for each one.
  artefacts, randload/staticload
  useful items that are:
   trivially accessible (stuff you can/should totally ask high level players for)
   semi-very rare, low demand (stuff that is worth hanging on to, pre-make character ideas to keep when they turn up)
   very rare, high demand (endgame economy, not that there really is much of one)
-inventory/equipment management
  keeping, aliasing
  containers and why they are great.
  how/why, useful interactions with aliases
-stance/start incarnation commands
-Player services
  Trav, aedarene, garlic, poee, ELF, gatherer, ozm/oia/ovg, psihealer/fixer/mindshielder/soothsayer, whatever else I'm missing
-equipment resizing (write out the speedwalks! confirm that one thing about chain resizing)
-The hitlist (targets of interest)
  maybe spoilers on how to kill stuff
  more likely, general strategies for hard targets
  list of big fatties in vague order of difficulty. need input from others

Quickstart Characters. *write out template for this, make a couple

the goal is to write a series of commands (and simple instructions hopefully) that run the entire gamut of:
 -generating a character (except name/physical features)
 -donning/keeping/selling starting equipment
 -joining guild/assocs.
 -assigning specs
 -getting to level 2 on exploration
 -completing at'lordrith's riddle for level ~10 (branching option to do this manually/skip entirely, quest spoilerz is layme but level 10 newbies less likely to be fukkin shit)
 -return to losthaven
Literal copy/paste lists of commands into the terminal, simple instructions like (wait for foo then do the next paste, or repeat until you see foobar)
maybe commit to storing heaps of gold in a particular place to cover the crucial skill intros, questionable if this is feasible.


-Sell the game while also managing expectations.
  established characters easy to play, but character setup is complex
  extraordinary depth of character builds is awesome, but there are pitfalls.
  Aim of my wordtexts is to provide enough information to avoid/embrace those pitfalls.
  variance in codebase age and what it implies. Tug of war between simulationism-gamification.
-Asking for help.
-link to guides written by not-me, maybe edit them slightly to remove outdated info
-My other guides, when to read them.
-Sell them on quickstart characters

Beginner in depth (getting started)

-Character information
  score, development, show command, combat ratings etc.
  specialties, guilds, associations, all the ohmygodoverwhelming stuff
-skills that stand out as immediately pertinent to new players
-Melee combat
  momentum! stun/slow, activity
  combat modes, attacks, defenses, ratings

Intermediate (What do I do now?)

-Just keep playing
  Make your own goals, explore the character space, explore the world, get to hero and restart a few times
  This one comes up so frequently. ugh
-Alternative activities that aren't murder
  exploration/quests, challenges, arbitrage, pacifism
-gear/items that actually matter.

Advanced (So you want to be a legendary hero)

-What it takes
  mindset/philosophy, time investment, giving a shit about xp/hour, that kind of thing
  obvious caveats apply
-example kill routes
-Character build examples

Aliases reference (commands outlined elsewhere in guide, but in raw alias form with short writeups, maybe this is a category that is a subset of misc wisdom)

  specs, stats, etc
-inventory management
-kill routes
-whatever else I find in my aliases that might be useful to other players
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