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This is a pretty big thing.

first link to the chnagelog that introduces it. find that later.

link to Traveler

list all the types of challenge variables. types of rewards etc. estimates on karma gain/loss stuff. A lot of the material can be taken from the trav article. makes more sense in it's own thing because it's pertinent to non-travelers.

link out to Quests (this particularly excellent page as well, which itself should be linked to by Pacifism maybe? perhaps pacifism should be a heading in this article rather than it's own, since it doesn't have much context outside of challenges)

Mental Disorders deserves some love.

Arbitrage as well.

Dionysis elf invoke. etc.

Player Services or botting or whatever whenever I get around to writing that article.

User:Fungor looks to have had plans but it's been a while.. so here's some sketchy notes I had in a text file that are inconsistent about whether they're from the grant message, the score desc, or just a meaningful description. They are also all from a psychic pacifist except for the no weapons obstacle which was seen on an xp challenge. Sukie 09:16, 22 November 2017 (EST)
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